Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Song Bird!

OK, quick entry. Tonight I went into Ellaina's room to change her diaper and give her some medicine before I went to bed. While she was sleeping with her eyes close, she started singing in her soft, sweet voice "Dada Dada Dada Dada" while I was giving her the medicine. It was so precious. I can not wait to tell Brad in the morning! Obviously I can't wait to tell everyone, or I wouldn't be blogging about it 10:30 at night :-) Wow kids are such blessings! Hope everyone sleeps tight and has a wonderful tomorrow!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Introducing the Jackson's blog

Hello Everyone! I wanted to introduce you to our blog. With family and friends all over the United States, we have decided to join the blog craze and help keep everyone posted on our life and journeys! As everyone knows we are getting close to having our second child on June 26, 2008. We have a beautiful and amazing little girl already and are so excited to add a baby boy into the mix. This week we have begun painting his room. It is quite a process with our busy schedule. We figured if we started it now, maybe it will be done by the time baby Jackson the second comes :-) Once it is done, we'll post a picture.

In the mean time, Ellaina had her 18month well visit (doctor's appointment) today. She is still off the charts with her height, not yet dipping under the 99% tile, measuring 35 1/2 inch. She has thinned out however, now 26lbs 14oz, only in the 81% tile. Probably because all the running she does...she never stops going :-) She also has mommy's taste buds from when she was a child. Basically doesn't eat anything except PB&J, Pizza, Macaroni, Fish sticks, Turkey dogs and non fried Chicken nuggets. Oh and any kind of fruit she can get her hands on. My mom has gotten her wish from when I was a child and frustrated her.

Brad has received a promotion with TXI and is now a Batch man. Believe it or not, it comes with more hours...yikes. It is less dangerous though, so I am sleeping a lot better. In fact, there was an awful accident in Dallas on Friday that had to do with a concrete truck rolling onto a SUV. It was fatal and quite a horrific image. Our prayers go out to everyone involved. It is extremely important for people to realize how dangerous concrete trucks and other trucks are and to stay further away from them on the road. Brad was cut off many times in his truck, each time that person was at risk of a fatal accident if they would have stopped quickly for anything.

As for myself, I am just trying to get by each day with this large baby growing inside of me. I am 28 weeks now, and measuring at least 2 weeks further. We Jackson/Roufs clan like having big babies I guess. I am still working at Dr. Barnes dental office as the Office Manager. I work two days a week there, and watch my 6month old nephew Gavin two days a week. My sister-in-law Kim and I participate in a baby swap. It is wonderful to know Ellaina is being cared for by people who love her, and we get to experience wonderful moments in Gavin's development. It is the best of both worlds. To the left is a picture of Ellaina and Gavin. I am keeping busy with Portraits by Kym as well. It is such a dream to be able to have my own studio in my house. Portrait photography is such a passion of mine, and to be able to capture moments for customers is so fulfilling. We are hoping to get some Blue Bonnet pictures of Ellaina this coming weekend. If it happens I will share them with you all. Ellaina is not the best subject...she is not always a fan of the camera.

I think that is all the updating I can do today. Hope you all enjoy our blog and can enjoy our lives journey with us!