Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chunkasourous is 2 months old!!

Braden had his 2 month check-up. He is doing great and growing BIG! Weighing in at 14lbs 16oz is the defending Heavy Weight Champion of the Crib...Braden Edward Jackson.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do I Look Pretty?

Ellaina had her first experience with putting on Lipstick today. I think she needs a little practice :-)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Back...and He is here!

When making this blog, I knew I was not going to be the best at keeping up with it...but yikes I am really bad. Since my last blog...three months ago, I had a baby and dramatically cut my sleeping back to the minimal hours necessary to function. That's right we had our little guy! After much confusion at the hospital and for family/friends we named him Braden after Brad. (not Nolan as was stated in Brad's mass text message after his birth...and for the next two days). We have chosen to receive the rights to "Nolan Allan" if we ever have another son.
Ellaina is an amazing big sister!! We do have to ignore the exciting screaming she does when chasing the cats around the house, and the occasional swings she takes at Braden when she is upset about something completely non-related to him. There was the most recent incident which related to biting (I didn't see it, but the teeth marks on his poor little foot and the horrific cry made me aware of it.) All minor "adjustments" for a toddler who is now having to share her mommy and daddy. Otherwise she is doing well.
She likes to hold Braden and has given him a bottle twice. She likes to bring him toys and try to give him a pacifier when he cries out. I think the thing she likes best though, is sawing "yuck" and "ewe" every time he has a dirty diaper.
Speaking of diapers, we have decided to start doing cloth diapers on Ellaina (idea courtesy of Stephanie...don't know if thank you is in order yet?) It is actually going pretty well and I feel a little better about the impact on the environment...Oh, I gotta go Ellaina is knocking at her bedroom door. Let the crazy time resume :-) I will try not to go 3 months between the next blog...shame on me.