Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ellaina's 1st Hair Cut!

Ellaina got her first hair cut on Monday September 29th by my friend Breann (I am sorry Toni...). We went over to visit and get my hair done, and ended up getting Ellaina's trimmed too. Ellaina did such a GREAT job. She got to sit on a high stool with a cape on. She LOVED the cape, which makes me which we would have gotten her a superhero costume instead of Panda Bear for Halloween. After she was all done getting it cut, she let Bre put pigtails in her hair. This from the girl who never lets me put anything in her hair. It was so cute and I have put them in a couple times since. It was such a fun time and great memory of her first hair cut.

Monday, September 29, 2008


what a beautiful thing! We had the first in our three wedding here in Minnesota this weekend, and what a start. It was such a nice grooms dinner on Friday, followed by a wonderful wedding celebration on Saturday. Both festivities were held at St. Antony Main Event right of the River. It was such a great time. The bride (Nicole) looked stunning and the groom (Reid) looked so handsome (picts will be attached at a later date). Watching these two together, makes me feel so blessed to see a great friend marry his true love. Our friend Reid was beaming ear to ear every time I looked at him. I have never seen either of them so happy before. I know this is such a cliche, but it is a great thing watching two people so happy and in love become one. I am so excited to see what their future together holds!
On a side note, Brad didn't get to enjoy much of the wedding at all because he was struck down with the flu early on Saturday. He spent a lot of the reception in the car trying to feel good enough to come into the reception. Luckily I got to enjoy a little more of the reception. My flu hit me at night...all night. It was so bad we had to cancel Braden's baptism on Sunday. (Pictures from wedding & Brad and I at Grooms Dinner.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The House of the Sick

Well, it has been a week and I am still only averaging about 4 hours of sleep at night. Braden started his second antibiotic yesterday, so here is hoping this one will clear up his ear infection. It is like having a new born at night again, and my body is hating me.
Ellaina hasn't been herself lately either. She got sick on Sunday night, but hasn't thrown up since. Though It is obvious she is not feeling well when she is still doing the following: asking to go night night, not wanting to eat (not even fruit snacks), laying on her bed when we are playing upstairs, and cuddling way more than usual. I am hoping all this clears up before we leave for our trip, and by some miracle it skips Brad and I. Other than that, everything is pretty OK here. Just looking forward to seeing our family and friends in MN!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wow, What a Party!!

Tonight we celebrated Mason's 7th birthday with a big party. Kim did such a good job putting together a great party which included water guns, a scavenger hunt, glow in the dark things, and all kinds of stuff kids love to do! Mason had a large turn out with 15 kids total. I got to lead the girl's team "Pink Honey Bunnies" on the scavenger hunt. It was so much fun, and I can not wait to get to do this stuff with our kids. It won't be long. Ellaina has already got the gift opening down and is so cute to carefully place the wrapping paper on the floor. FUN FUN FUN!! (Mason is at the top of the slide with Connor in the group picture)

Tagged... along time ago :-)

...by my sister-in-law Courtney about a month ago. Better late than never!
*Ten Years Ago: I had just graduated from high school and was at Mankato University in Minnesota (that lasted 10 days). Brad came at midnight to make a secret move back to Maple Grove after only 10 days at Mankato. I knew it wasn't the right place for me and was only going to get me into a lot of trouble. I came home and moved into my parents basement while I attending a community college and worked for David Bank's photography Studio in Anoka. I had been dating Brad for about 4 months and had just meet his incredible mother Janet over the summer. We stayed in McKinney with his sister Laura, Keith and baby Courtney (now in 5th grade). How time travels so fast.
*My To-Do list Today:
1. Pack for Minnesota
2. Find a sitter for the kids on Saturdays this Oct. Nov. and Dec. so I can start finalizing portrait sessions with people.
3.Start my business blog
4.Get some SLEEP
5.Make a classified ad for craigslist, advertising pumpkin patch pictures and weddings.
6.Update my website with collage prices, photo card prices and wedding prices.
7.Help Brad finish building the shed
8.much much more...to much to list because it is making me anxious for all the things I need to do.
*Snacks That I Enjoy: Popcorn and M&M's is my favorite snack. I also LOVE watermelon, but hate cutting it up. It makes a huge mess and Ellaina always wants to help...which makes a bigger mess!
*Things I Would Do if I were a Millionaire: Buy a summer house in Minnesota to escape the dreadful Texas heat and spend time with my family and friends. Take my entire family on a Disney Cruise, so the kids could create great memories together while the adults relax by the pool (oh...bring a nanny for Gavin and Braden).
*Places I've Lived: Maple Grove MN,
Mankato MN (for 10days),
and McKinney TX.
*And now I don't have anyone to tag. I waited to long to finally do it that everyone I know who blogs has already done it. Oh well!


Here is an update of my Portraits by Kym work. Hopefully the New Year will ring in a new website, but for now please check out my new Gallery page! http://www.pbase.com/portraitsbykym/pbkgallery
It has been exciting to get more time to work on my photography. I have enjoyed creating memories with people and capturing such precious moments! Don't forget that fall is just around the corner and the perfect time for family portraits. You can turn any of those portraits into custom Holiday Cards to share with your family and friends. Click on the "Keep in Touch Gallery" to view a few of my previous years custom cards.
**This is the perfect year to update that family photo.**

6 More Days

Six more days until we are in Minnesota!!! The kids and I will be staying for 3 weeks, and I am so excited. We are extremely blessed down here in Texas to have so many loved ones and for our kids grow up with their cousins. Ellaina sees all her cousins at least once a week and truly gets excited every time. I am so anxious for her to get that opportunity for 3 weeks in Minnesota.
My sister is coming into town the first weekend, so it will be a big slumber party at Grandma and Grandpa's. Ellaina will get an opportunity to play with Nicholas(5) and Zachary(22months). As for my brother's family, they are only a few miles away from my Mom and Dad, so Ellaina will be able to see them a lot the entire time. We get to spend a couple Mondays and Wednesdays with Emma(5), and I know Ellaina will adore her! She always loves big girls and Emma is quite a personality herself! It has been over 9 months since our last trip to Minnesota and the next six days can not go by fast enough :-)
It will be weddingpalloza while we are in MN. We have a wedding every weekend for our good friends, and can not wait to celebrate their love. It is so incredible seeing someone you love find the person to spend the rest of their life with. Love is a powerful thing, and there is nothing better than getting to witness it between people. Weddings have a way of making me remember what life is about...LOVE! And we can not wait to come home to the ones we Love, that are not in Texas!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Is this seat taken...

Braden is getting so big and growing up fast. He is already sitting in the Bumbo and loving it! Ellaina is really enjoying his expressions and interacting with him more and more. He likes to stare at her smiling when she gets close. Today she was having a hard time letting Braden sit in the Bumbo alone. She kept wanting to sit in it as well. Braden just sat there and smiled. He is a tough guy, which is good, since Ellaina doesn't always understand the meaning of gentle!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Personality, Personality, Personality

Miss Ellaina is always wanting to help out around the house. She is my little shadow doing as I do. When I spray the glass kitchen table to clean it, she pulls a chair over to the counter to get a paper towel so she can help. When it is time to make her dinner, she pulls a chair up to stand on and helps. Thanks to Grandma, now we even have matching aprons to wear while we cook together. You better believe she knows which drawer the aprons are in and brings them out every time we cook.
I have to say many things became more crazy once you have a child, but Laundry is probably at the top of that list. When I say "Laundry", I mean real laundry not the secret dirty meaning of the word. Although that is more difficult to do when you have children as well :-) Anyway.... Ellaina makes what normally takes a good day, take a good week if I am not fast enough at putting it away :-) My little sweetie loves to take the laundry out and try to put it on. I don't even attempt to fold blankets anymore, because she pulls them out of the basket and wraps her babies up like we wrap Braden. Yes, it may take a lot longer to do somethings with children, but it is definitely more enjoyable!
It is such a wonderful moment when you get to see yourself reflected in your child's actions. It makes everything I do worth it and completely rewarding. I am amazed at how much kindness and love can be in someone so small. In her soft touch when she pats Braden if he cries, her sweet kiss for no reason at all, and her beautiful songs she sings for anyone who listens. Having her has been more than I could have ever imagine, and I can not wait to see what the future holds for someone as special and playful as her!
Not to be forgotten, Mr. Braden is developing his own personality and it sure is a happy one. He is such a smiley little boy (except at 12:00am, 2:00am, 4:00am etc...the last few nights since he has a double ear infection). That is getting a little old :-) Even while he is not feeling well, he is offering up many smiles and stares so happily at me. I forgot how great it is to have a little baby. At night, after he is done eating, I find myself rocking with him and getting lost in his face. He is such a little version of Brad, and the most precious baby boy. I enjoy every new face he makes and marvel in the coos he shares with us. This is the life and I am enjoying every moment! They truly are God's blessing to this me and this world!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

LABOR Day 2008

Labor Day became more a day of work than a day of rest. It all started at 10:00am when there was a silence in the house. With two kids awake...silence isn't a good thing. I was nursing Braden and Ellaina was quietly playing, but with what??? I called her name and she looked up from the steps, with a sweet look of innocence. I have seen that look, and it means anything but innocence. As soon as I stood up, I was shocked to see Ellaina had gotten her hands on a BLACK PERMANENT marker and colored so beautifully all over the carpet and wall. Thank God for Melaluca's "Sol u Mel", after hours of scrubbing, you can barley see where my little artist drew her masterpiece. That alone would be eventful enough for most days, but not for a day when Daddy is home :-)

That early afternoon, I was doing a photography session for these incredible little kiddos...Mason & Gavin. We went to the McKinney Square and had a blast taking tons of pictures of them having fun. (check out their portrait session: http://www.pbase.com/portraitsbykym/daughertys)

Not knowing what a mad house my house had become. (SIDE NOTE: Brad is a very hands on Daddy, so it is not uncommon for him to be alone with the Ellaina and Braden while I have portrait sessions. He is a very loving and capable dad...but the kids won that day!) I had just wrapping up the session and was going to grab a late lunch with Kim and the kids. I thought I should call home to see how everything was going first. When I heard Brad's voice I realized there would be no lunch. He sounded so beaten, and bless his soul there was much reason for that.

After he put Ellaina down for a nap, Brad was walking down the stairs with Braden in his arms and lost his footing. Don't worry he caught himself in the picture frame at the bottom of the steps. The glass shattered and cut up his forearm. By the time I had gotten home he was standing in the powder bathroom with no shirt on looking completely exhausted. When I saw him, he said "I flushed Ellaina's cloth diaper down the toilet...and if you're wondering why I am not wearing a shirt, Braden threw up all over it." Looking at him I could not help but laugh and ponder the question...Do you think Brad wished today was a regular workday and not a holiday? At night, once everything settled down, I asked him that question and was surprised to hear him say "no". Hopefully that was our one time holiday disaster and now we have gotten that out of the way. No one was seriously hurt and it made for a great laugh...much later in the day.