Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let There Be Teeth!

Braden has gotten his two bottom front teeth in. The second one just showed up today. His first tooth punctured through his gums on Friday November 14th. All and all he has been a pretty happy teether. Hopefully that continues!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Great Grandma & Grandpa J!!

We spent the day with Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Jackson yesterday! It was such a nice day. I always love to hear their stories of Brad and his family when they were young. Especially the stories they share of Brad's mom Janet. I knew, from her battles with constant illnesses, that she was a strong women, but it is nice to also hear stories of her strength and determination when it did not have to do with her having been sick.
It didn't take Ellaina very long to warm up to her great grandparents. She was calling Grandpa J "papa" after about an hour and had fun destroying Grandma J's flower basket. Grandma J said she allows the kids to play with it, but I don't think she meant take it apart like Ellaina was.
Braden was his usual happy self. It was funny hearing Grandma J comment on how much he looks like Brad. I think that every time I look at him and it makes me think about Brad's mom and what she was feeling when she would look at Brad. I can only hope he was as good for her as Braden is for us. Every time I hear someone say he looks like Brad, it reassures me that we did the right thing when we changed his name before leaving the hospital. Anyone who doesn't know the story, Braden was named Nolan Allan the first three days of his life. After we found out he had the same blood type as Brad, we realized the angels are yelling in our ears to change his name to Braden Edward. "Braden" after Brad and Edward after his great grandpa J. Let that be a lesson to us, the name we pick before seeing our baby may not fit once the baby is born. Well that is totally off the subject. Anyway, it was a great visit and hopefully we can get there again...sooner.

FAQ: Is He Always Smiling?

The answer to this frequently asked question is...YES. When Braden is not sleeping, he is pretty much always smiling! If he is not smiling, he is waiting for you to look at him so he can give you a big flirtatious smile. He is our happy little boy and we could not enjoy him more. People always said we wouldn't have another good baby, but they couldn't have been more wrong :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prayers for Natalie

Hello blog readers, I wanted to put out a special request for you all to add my cousin Natalie to your prayer lists. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25 and has been fighting it for over a year now. She had her CT scan today and found out the spots on her lungs are growing again. She needs every one's prayers as she starts a new round of chemo meds. I have attached a link to her caring bridge site if anyone wants to know more about her http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/natalieroufs. She has such an amazing attitude and is a true inspiration. Thank you for your prayers!

Sealed with a Kiss

Lately my sweet baby girl Ellaina has been pointing out "owies" and kissing them. It is the cutest thing and so precious. With that said, I had to laugh when she said "owie" and kissed my forehead. It was not an "owie" she was pointing out...it was a "blemish". My preferred term for a pimple once you are no longer a teenager :-) It is true, kids say the darnedest things. She makes me laugh all the time!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Movie to Remember!

Due the the rainy weather today, Brad came home from work early and we decided to venture to the McKinney theatres for our first family movie. It was such a blast! We arrived to Madagascar 2 just in time, with popcorn and beverages in tow.
Ellaina sat on Brad's lap for the majority of the movie enjoying her popcorn. While Braden slept in his car seat for a little while before sitting on my lap staring at the screen. Half way through the movie, Ellaina decided she wanted to sit like a big girl in her own seat. She sat for the entire movie and made some cute animal sounds throughout. She does the best elephant noise. It was such a great time! Thank you God for the rain day! We have both been burning ourselves at both ends, and really needed this family fun day. PS Madagascar 2 was a cute film and kept Ellaina's (2yrs old) attention well. Two thumbs way up!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rock Star!

My daughter is loving the new Pink song "So What I'm Still a Rock Star" and starts a dance marathon every time she hears it. I listen to Kidd Cratick (pretty sure I spelt his last name wrong) morning show. No matter what we are doing when the song comes on, Ellaina immediately gets up and wants to dance...even if we are eating breakfast. It is the cutest thing ever.
I love to dance and sing around the house and have danced with her as soon as she could hold her head up. Once she could stand, I began dancing with her by holding hands. Now Ellaina thinks holding hands is necessary to dance. She comes and grabs Braden's hand and my hand when she wants to dance. I hold Braden up under his arms so he can dance with her and they both giggle so hard. We have tried to get it on video, but so far have not been successful. Once we do I will figure out how to post it. It is the cutest and sweetest thing.
Last weekend when Wolfie was over we were listening to Choo Choo Soul kids CD and a song Ellaina liked came on. She went running up to him holding her hands out so they danced and laughed together. Wow, kids are the best!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America the Beautiful!

As you can tell by reading my blog, I am a person of many convictions. I try to stay positive, upbeat and see the best in everything. I am passionate about our country and the world as well, and have chosen to keep my political beliefs off my blog. I think voting is such a wonderful gift we have been given at the sacrifices of so many and it is everyone’s responsibility to vote, no matter whom they are voting for. If you have had a conversation with me regarding the recent election, it probably would not be too hard to figure out who I voted for president.

With that said, it was quite impressive and moving watching the candidates speak last night. I felt great pride in being an American and the leaders we had before us for presidential candidates. It made me very hopeful for our future and what we, the United States of America, can accomplish when we are united. President elect Barack Obama’s speech was especially inspirational to me. To hear an intelligent speech transcend all expectations and reach out to every American was very refreshing. It was a great moment in our history and I feel so blessed to have witnessed it.

What I have not felt so blessed about witnessing was all the hate spread during the campaign. I heard so many people say they were going to be happy when the election was over, and it got me thinking…Why does it need to be this way?

We teach our children not to spread rumors, but during an election year we do so by forwarding e-mails and reciting words we have heard dramatized from the 24 Hour “NEWS” show. We teach our children to see the good in people and not treat people badly, but we spread words of hate and speak dehumanizing about the candidates we do not believe in. This is not how we treat the people around us. If we want campaigning to change, we need to be the voice of change and really watch what we say and how we behave when discussing the candidate we do not believe in. We can and need to eliminate the majority of the hate and prejudice that exists. This is not a healthy thing to teach our children and grandchildren. People can disagree with each other and still have love, respect and compassion for one another. That is what makes America so great! The American people is what makes America great, so lets make ourselves proud by being respectful to others at all times no matter our beliefs.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

What a great Halloween this was! The Grubb's hosted a block part at the end of the "Brooke". It was so much fun getting to visit with everyone and see all the wonderful costumes. Star War/Clone War costumes we quite popular among the boys. Ellaina went as a panda bear and Braden as a Puppy. We had kitty cats, monsters, witches, a monkey or two and a brand new chili pepper only five days old. That was my friend Stephanie's little baby.
Once it got dark, we took the kids trick or treating. We started off good all together, but once Ellaina decided she wanted to walk and not ride in the wagon, we fell behind. It was nice though, since Brad was able to be with us. Ellaina held my hand and walked up to the doors for candy. The 1st door we went to, she walked in and made herself comfortable on the random persons staircase. That was pretty funny! After that she figured it out and really enjoyed herself. Once we got home we went to our neighbors Bruce and Joann's house, since their door was still open. There she said..."trick or treat". It was a great ending to a FUN FUN night!