Monday, December 29, 2008

Sorry California Cows...No More Dairy for Me

The day after Christmas I toke to a NO DAIRY diet at the request of Braden's pediatrician. It is really hard since I LOVE chocolate milk, chocolate, cheese, and pretty much anything else with dairy in it...which happens to be pretty much everything I ate.

I have not been feeling well for months now. I have an upset stomach/nausea about 80% of the day everyday. I have taken numerous pregnancy tests thinking, could this be why I am feeling so sick...all negative. (Side Note: We are not necessarily trying to get pregnant right now.) I have thought maybe I'm allergic to a new food, but haven't really given it much effort to find out what.

Well, Braden took care of it for me and I am loving it! I have felt so amazing these last three days. I forgot what it felt like to really feel good. So I think it is safe to say, I have a dairy intolerance. Which I do think was Braden's problem as well. He went from 10-12 dirty diapers a day (at least two of them being complete blow outs), to only 3-4 dirty diapers a day. I wouldn't have given up dairy for myself, but I would do anything for my kids. In this case it was a blessing for the both of us!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day!!

Christmas day was so fun and relaxing. We woke up and opened some presents before going to Kim and Kevin's for brunch. We were joined there by the Barron family and Hodges family. It was fun watching all the kids play and spending some more time together. Afterwards, we came back to our house and had a birthday cake and sang happy birthday to baby Jesus. Ellaina really enjoyed that!

Once Ellaina woke up from her nap, we opened some more presents and ate a turkey dinner that Brad prepared. Ellaina enjoyed playing with her new toys. It was hard to get her to open up her presents. She would open one and just want to play. Braden had no problem opening presents. He would get his little fingers on the wrapping paper and pull it until it was up to his mouth. He just wanted to chew on the wrapping paper. It was quite funny to watch.

It has just been such a wonderful Christmas! I really missed my Minnesota family and friends, but I had such a great time with my family and friends here. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas too!!
Braden in his chair from Papa & Jeanne
Ellaina in her chair from Papa & JeanneEllaina getting her stocking gifts from SantaBraden all smiles at Kim and Kevin's
Kim and KevinGreg, Cathy and baby Juliette in her bellyLaura and Keith Mason and Connor

Gavin and Wolfie playing peek a boo

Courtney & Santa Paco

Christmas Time!

I LOVE Christmas time! It is such a wonderful time and only gets more magical as my kids get older. This year we spent Christmas Eve having an early dinner at Laura and Keith's house. We were joined by Kim and the kids, and Dave and Jeanne. Unfortunately, Kevin was on shift at the firehouse and was not able to join us. We had a delicious meal and a wonderful time visiting and opening gifts. Afterwards, we had everyone over to our house for dirty eggnog drinks. Our friends Greg and Cathy joined us, so we decided to play some Texas Hold em into the night. We made sure to be in bed before Santa was near our house though :-) It was a wonderful Christmas Eve!
Jeanne, Dave, Braden, Brad, Ellaina and KymKim, Laura and GavinEllaina and her new babyBrad and KymJeanne and Braden Braden in his new chair from Papa and GigiGavin looking so cuteCourtney, Mason and Connor playing Rock BandCourtney holding Braden

Tubes is the Word

On Dec 23rd, I brought Braden to the doctor to make sure he didn't have another ear infection before the long holiday weekend began. My suspicions were confirmed that YES, he indeed has another ear infection. Being this is his 5th and he is not yet six months old, they suggested I go see an ENT. I scheduled his appointment right away, and was seen on Christmas eve.
The doctor could not believe how smiley he was. I guess his right ear especially was so terribly infected. Now after exhausting all other avenues, it looks like Braden will be getting tubes in the New Year. I am a little nervous, but this doctor comes highly recommended and I don't want Braden on antibiotics anymore. Through all this, Braden still smiles all day long. He is my little sweetie!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Take TWO

All week Ellaina has been saying Santa, Santa, Santa. We have a wood Santa and slay decoration on our lawn, and she loves it. I hated having her experience with Santa so traumatic, so I decided to bring her and Braden for a second round with the big guy. This time I went when I knew it was not going to busy and it paid off. There was only one person sitting on Santa's lap when we got there and no one else waiting. Ellaina bravely ran up to Santa and gave him a hug. It was really sweet! She liked Santa, but did not like him picking her up. All in all it was a nice experience for Ellaina, and that was what I wanted. There is a picture of the visit, but it is only because they gave it to us for free. While we walked away, Ellaina kept saying "Bye bye Santa, miss you"! It was toooo cute!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kid Care Party Time!

Ellaina had her Kid Care Christmas party on Wednesday. Ms Toni took Braden for me at lunch time, so I could go and help out. It was a lot of fun and made me even more excited about her going there. When I dropped her off in the morning, a little boy in her class got all excited and said "Ellaina's Here!" Without a goodbye, she went running to her teachers and gave them big hugs. I walked to my car with the biggest smile on my face.
When I went back to help, they were playing in the indoor park. That was when I realized her more aggressive nature is common for her age :-) All toys belong to them and them alone.
Once we went back to the class for lunch, it was cute to see her eating with the rest of the kids. Of course ALL the kids ate the Cheetos first. Ellaina was OK when they were all gone, but threw a fit when her juice box was gone. She doesn't get juice at home, so she REALLY enjoys it when she does get some. The teachers told me she was putting on her own little program for me, because she has never done that for them. After lunch, they sang Happy Birthday to baby Jesus and had a birthday cookie. Then they did a little craft project, sang a couple songs and had a book exchange. It was really fun and great to see her interact with all the kids. She is growing up so quickly. How do you slow time down?
During all this, Braden had a great time with Toni. Once Toni realized Braden loved to be smooched on and cuddled, the love affair began :-)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ho Ho...Oh No

Brad picked me up from the birthday festivities on Sunday to attempt the joyous Santa picture! Yes, we chose to go on a weekend and we chose wrong. After waiting in line for about an hour with Ellaina running around, Braden hungry and Brad dehydrated from the flu the day before, it was our turn to see Santa...YEAH. At this time Brad had given Ellaina her pacifier since it was close to her nap time and she was loosing it. Do we try to take it out? Yes, but not a good idea. She was crying before we even got to Santa. Enjoy the picture!

Braden was having a good old time. He had his hands all over and in Santa's beard. At one time Santa had to pry Braden's fingers out. Santa was a trooper though and posed with just Braden for a few more shots!
Oh, PS how cool was this Santa setting. Santa actually brought two of his reindeer with him. Ellaina thought that was fun...for about three seconds.

Ladies Night!

On Saturday we went out to celebrate Laura's 29th birthday :-) It was such a great time and Laura was surprised! Kim brought her to their new office to pick something up, and we were waiting in there to surprise her. Afterwards we went across the street for some Tex Mex and quite possibly the best margaritas I have ever tasted. Needless to say, I am a lightweight now when it comes to alcoholic beverages, so I shared a little of mine with Toni to be able to walk straight. Than pregnant party lady Cathy drove us to our hotel where we got to do a little hot tubing, shopping and more celebrating. It was such a blast!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sealed with a HUG

It is official, Ellaina is loving school! Today when I dropped her off, she gave her teachers a hug and didn't look back. What a refreshing change from the tears on her first days drop off. After adding a top layer of fleece to her nap mat (as a blanket), she is now even napping there like the rest of the kids. This has just been an all around wonderful experience for her and me.
I am enjoying my alone time to love up on Braden. Now he never wants me to put him down or be out of his sight. I remember Ellaina going through a similar phase around 6 months. Hopefully this is just a "phase". It makes it hard for me to get anything done. This being my busy season and trying to get everyone's orders in before Christmas, I could really use free hands. I can't complain though, I LOVE to cuddle too. After all, my nickname was "Kymmie Cuddles" as a kid :-)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Day of School!

Ellaina had her first day of "school" on Monday December 1st. She has begun a kids day out program at Cottonwood Creek Church Mondays and Wednesdays. The first day was defiantly different not having her around. When I picked her up, she had the biggest smile on her face. The teachers told me she really enjoyed herself and was very friendly. I guess she did not want to nap when it came to nap time. I had made her a fleece nap mat the night before and she was having fun laying on it while I was tying the ends. When it came time to nap at school, the teachers said she insisted on covering up with the mat instead of laying on it. All I could do was laugh. Ellaina loves laying under blankets, and I should have known better :-) Needless to say, on Wednesday she had a blanket to cover up with as well. How quickly they grow!

Giving Thanks!

This year at Thanksgiving we found ourselves at our good friends Greg and Cathy's. Ellaina had such a wonderful time playing with Wolfie! It was very relaxing and a lot of fun! It was really what I needed, since I found myself longing to be back home with my family in Minnesota. After living in Maple Grove for 25 of my 29 years, it is still called home. Now, I am a lucky one who gets to have two great "homes". Unfortunately, over 1,000 miles separates them.
This thanksgiving gave me an opportunity to really think, and I am so blessed for everything God has given me. An incredible husband who is supportive in everything I do and I completely adore, two amazing children who bring me so much joy and love, a beautiful roof over my head, a talent which allows me to give to others and enables me to make some money while staying home with my children, two loving parents alive and well, all these amazing family members who bring me so much support and love, so many wonderful friends, and mine and my loved ones health. God has blessed me beyond anything I could have dreamed. This Thanksgiving was a day I really realized what it was about. To all of my family and friends, THANK YOU!

Hello Again!

Sorry it has been so long since I have last blogged. Needless to say I have been crazy busy. Over the last 2 weeks, we have been struggling with the flu (everyone), double ear infections (Braden again), single ear infection (me), sinus infection (me) and explosive diapers (Braden...thanks to the antibiotic). It has been a mad house :-) Poor little Braden is getting over his third ear infection. If that wasn't hard enough, the medicine always gives him explosive diarrhea. His entire bottom is red with rash and I can not keep it away. I never thought I would say this, but bring on the tubes. I do not like him being on antibiotics so often, so I am starting tho warm up to the alternative. My chiropractor says his is aligned and his "C1" is perfect? She comforted me by letting me know her son needed tubes too.
After all this sickness in our house, I have come to one solution to help the problem...get my house deep cleaned. A cleaning crew is coming on Saturday! Since being a home owner, this will be the first time I get my house cleaned. I am soooo excited. They clean every nook and cranny. Both my sister-in-laws have had their houses done in the past, and say it is the best thing. This will leave me to only have to clean/disinfect the kids toys. Merry Christmas to me :-)
What else have I missed? Oh, Braden is taking these drops of healthy bacteria thingys to help with his diarrhea while on antibiotics. We give it to him in rice cereal. Ellaina has taken an interest in helping out with that. I have attached a picture of her feeding him. It is so cute and messy! They are so cute together. I completely adore them and the relationship they are already forming. Ellaina's silliness and great spirit makes Braden belly laugh.
The other day I left Braden laying on Ellaina's bed to hang up cloths, the next thing I heard was him laughing so hard. I peeked in her room, and Ellaina was laying on the bed next to him blowing on his belly. It was so funny. This is LIVING!
P.S. Special thank you to Toni, Laura and Kim for helping me out with Ellaina while I suffered through the flu.