Monday, September 28, 2009

"Where's Ellaina"?

It is incredible how much our little Braden is talking. I have had to read back in my blog to see if Ellaina was this verbal at 15 months. He is probably speaking so much quicker because he hears Ellaina and I talking all the time. We are both chatter boxes :)

On Sunday, Braden woke up first, so I brought him in bed with us. As we were getting into bed, he asked "Where's Ellaina?", and I mean Ellaina...not Lana anymore. I looked at Brad in shock, and he smiled in confirmation that he indeed asked that. After telling Braden she was still asleep, he laid in bed for a little while. It was so sweet how concerned he was. It was also so surprising to hear him ask that. He LOVES his sister!

Tonight, Ellaina was sitting at the end of our bed. Braden came and sat next to her with his arms around her. Braden gave Ellaina a head tip (his version of a kiss) and Ellaina was giving him kisses back. Eventually Braden actually started giving her real kisses, and leaning into to her blabbing away. Our cuties!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go Longhorns!

That’s right football season has begun. We go from having the TV on maybe about an hour a day, to having the TV on football/Sports Center all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday night, Thursday night and maybe more. In Brad’s defense, he does do very well every year with his fantasy football team, I guess it is "research". We don't get a lot of Vikings games down here, so I am without an NFL team many Sundays. I dohowever find myself really enjoying Longhorn Football again this year!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ellaina's 1st Dental Appointment!

Ellaina had her first dental appointment today at Dr. Barnes' office. She did awesome! Suzanne was so sweet and patient, showing her all the different instruments and tickling her bear with the toothbrush. Ellaina paid close attention to Suzanne and let her clean all her teeth. Dr. Barnes was even able to do an exam.

Even with the one tooth we need to watch, it was such a wonderful experience! Ellaina keeps talking about it and told Sharla when she came over to visit.

I know what you are going to say when you see the pictures...she insisted on wearing that and it wasn't worth changing her mind :) Thanks for sending the cute dress up cloths down to us Emma!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Scream Like No Other...

Tonight I was upstairs getting ready to go to Latin Fusion class, when I heard the most horrific scream. I came running to the loft to find Brad holding Braden with blood on his head and Ellaina at the bottom of the stairs crying for me with her hands up.

It was so scary, but I heard Brad saying Ellaina accidentally shut Braden's fingers in the door. I grabbed Ellaina and calmed her down as I made my way to Braden. Poor little guy's fingers were bleeding so bad, and of course it looked worse since he was sucking on them out of pain. Blood was all over Brad and Braden, it was so heartbreaking. Braden was completely inconsolable and kept trying to rip the towel off his fingers.

Once everything somewhat settled down, we realized his thumb got the worse of it. It is very likely that his thumb nail will eventually fall off. Our easy going, little guy cried for a good thirty minutes until he finally fell asleep in my arms as I rocked him in the glider. That was the second time I got to rock him to sleep today. We don't get to do that enough. Now that I remember how much I LOVE cuddling with my babies in the glider, it might become more routine. It's time for Braden to get some glider love :) especially when Ellaina is at preschool!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

come again on the weekend please. It feels like it has been raining nonstop since I have been home. Usually in Texas, we would be jumping for joy when it rains, but enough is enough. It has been raining so much that Braden says "it's raining" when we step outside. Being that he is only 15 months old and still has a limited vocabulary, you know it's raining a lot :) Brad's work really stalls when it rains, and that is not always a good thing. So rain rain go away until Saturday or Sunday if you may :)

Ellaina’s 1st Day of School

September 9th was Ellaina’s first day of her new preschool year. She has two new teachers, a new classroom, a new “suitcase” (as she calls it), but the same enthusiasm! She was so thrilled about going to school again. Although she keeps saying her old teacher’s names, she is always eager to go and delighted to tell me all about it when I come to pick her up!

Ellaina has also found success in potty training. She has only had one accident since we have been home…not including poopy. She is still struggling with pooping in the toilet. Her one accident was at school the day Brad picked her up. She had just gotten off her nap mat and was so excited to run to daddy that she didn’t think to go to the bathroom first. We always pack extra cloths just in case, so it was no big deal. She is just growing so quickly, and really thriving at everything she does. I am so proud of my little sweetie!

Minnesota Favorites!

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from our trip to Minnesota! Many of which have to do with Grandma & Papa's swing. Ellaina absolutely LOVED to swing in that swing!
Brad and Braden playing ball. Braden LOVED hitting the ball, getting it and putting it back on the tee. Such a big boy :)Mommy and Braden on the gliderEllaina always smiled this big while on the swing!Daddy giving Ellaina pushes on the swing :)Braden on the bikes!Daddy & Braden :)Grandma & the happy little guy!Braden taking a bath in Grandma & Papa's sink!Story time with Grandma!Best friends! Ellaina and Braden have become so close and really enjoy playing together!Great Uncle Torg, Great Grandpa Antil, Braden Mommy & Ellaina. This is the only way Ellaina would be in the picture...on my back :) Ellaina had so much fun collecting acorns with Torg & Grandma!Hammock nap with Grandma :)Ellaina laughing at Uncle Jason!Papa eating Braden's belly!Papa & Braden LOVE!Reid's birthday at Dave & Busters with Nicole, Kym, Reid, Amanda & Dave!Amanda & Kym at Reid's birthday!Grandma & Ellaina playing together :)Grandma tickling Ellaina's feet!There's that smile again :)

Houste Goute Part Two!

Ellaina and Braden must have paid close attention to Papa while he played Houste Goute with them because now they like to play with each other :)

The other day we were all in the car when Ellaina started saying the Houste Goute nursery rhyme. Brad and I looked at each other in surprise. She was saying it word for word. Braden got so excited and started patty caking his own hand. It was so precious! We called Papa right away to tell him all about it.

A couple nights later we were doing our usual bed time routine. They were both playing on Ellaina's bed, when Ellaina started playing Houste Goute on Braden’s hand. They both were smiling and having so much fun! Papa’s Patty cake continues to be a hit!

Still Trying to Catch Up...

I have been home for two weeks now and am still trying to catch up...on everything. On sleep, on my work load, my blog, on getting ready for Christmas picture season, finding a new chiropractor, the gym, oh and did I say sleep. This is my attempt to catch up on my blog....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Day Bliss!

Kim & Ryan got married over labor day weekend and it was such an incredible wedding. Their ceremony was in the Basilica, and she looked absolutely breathtaking. Ryan's childhood priest came from California to officiate, so it was an extra special homily. The reception hall was on the UofM campus, so that brought back many fun memories! It was such a great time visiting and dancing with all our friends. I was so happy we were able to stay in Minnesota and celebrate Kim and Ryan's big day with them :)
My Favorite Picture!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Minnesota State Fair

The State Fair was always a tradition of ours when we lived in Minnesota, so we were happy to see it was going on while we were up. It was always so much fun to go eat all the delicious...not so healthy food, see the baby animals, and the people. Like always, it was such a great time! We went with our friends Danny, Christie, Amanda and Dave, which made it all the more fun!We didn't hit up any rides, but did enjoy a little competition on the ball rolling horse race. Danny took one of the games, and then we got beat by some youngsters on the rest. Christie was all about the toys as she picked up a bubble gun for her dog and two glow wands for our kids. I think we had more fun playing with both :) Actually, the kids LOVED the wands!

Our Last Twins Game in the Dome

We wanted to have both kids 1st experience with major league baseball be a Twins game. Ellaina was able to take in a Twins vs. Rangers game at the Rangers stadium, but it was too hot to take Braden to the games when the Twins were in town this year. This gave us an excuse to take the kids to a game at the dome while we were in town! Being that we LOVE the Twins and don’t need an excuse to see them, we were all over it :)

Grandma joined us, and helped make it such a special experience. We got there early enough to hear the National Anthem, which I really enjoy. The kids were great! Ellaina was so excited for an ice cream helmet that she was very angry at Brad for buying hotdogs first :) Braden fell asleep around the fifth inning, which allowed us to stay until after the 9th inning. Unfortunately the White Sox won in extra innings, but it didn’t take away from the wonderful time we had.