Friday, January 29, 2010

Weather Days

The weather this January has been awful. I don't remember having such a cold and rainy January since moving to Texas. Usually it gets chilly, but the sun is still out. This weather has been taking it's toll on Brad's work. Which is definitely bitter sweet. Sweet because we get more time to enjoy Daddy! Bitter because when Brad doesn't work, Brad doesn't get paid. We have learned though that we will bounce back eventually. So we have been trying to ignore the finance part and enjoy the daddy part. Which is what we have been doing! Daddy is so much fun and such an amazing man. It is wonderful when we all get to spend a lot of time together! We all get spoiled with his love and attention!

What a Character!

Ellaina is so silly. She loves to goof around especially when she has an audience. I got some cute pictures of her this month and wanted to make sure they got in her Blog book. They just show her personality perfectly, not to mention how grown up she is getting. When does this growing thing slow down. She is getting too old too quickly. Kindergarten will be here before we know it...scary thought :(

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Double the Birthday Fun!

Last weekend Brad, Kim and I headed to Main Event to celebrate Josh and Jessica's 30th birthday. It started off being all six of the McKinney gang coming, but than sickness swept through the Barron's and the Daugherty's. So the three of us were there to represent :)

It was such a great time! We bowled a little, had some AMAZING cake. Kim, Stacey and I were on a mission to sneak a seconds. Once we all finally rationalized having a second piece, it was nowhere in site...that's how good it was! It was also so cute. Courtney had put a picture of Josh and Jessica as kids on the cake. Just adorable!
Once we got done goofing around on the bowling ally, we headed off to play some arcades. Kim and I let our competitive nature get the best if us in a horse racing game. Though it was hard to take it serious when we couldn't stop laughing. Josh joined us for the "Jumping Jackpot", which is my favorite! No jackpots that night, but LOTS of FUN!!
The birthday girl and boy looked like they had such a great time, as did we! Apparently you can still party it up in your 30's :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gym Solution!?!

I think I have come up with a solution for Braden and the gym situation. I called over the weekend and asked if I could bring a Dora DVD to try when he starts getting sad. They have a large TV in one of the half walled rooms that always has cartons on. They gave it a try today, and it worked. I got through an entire hour class at the gym. It was so wonderful! I did however get real nervous anytime someone came into the door. I kept worrying it would be the kid care employee with my name on the dry erase board. But that didn't happen, and I am really hopeful this is the solution!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Braden & His Gym Issues :(

Braden got us in trouble at Lifetime kid care. He has grown very attached to Mommy, which doesn't make for the happiest little guy when I drop him off. We didn't make it to the gym as much as usual in December, so Braden fell out of the routine. It has been three weeks of us going our usual four times a week and he is still struggling. I get pulled out of every group fitness class I take. I dread seeing a kid care employee walk into the studio classroom with that darn dry erase board. My stomach sinks and I squint over to see if it is my name on it...which lately that has been the only name on it. It is hard and incredibly frustrating.

The other day, I got called out of my Latin Fusion class. When I went to get him, they directed me over to the lead kid care person. She informed me that "It has been a few weeks of this now. You should try bringing him between 1:00 and 4:00 when it is slower." Having a toddler I know why it is slower during that time...nap time. I get the not so subtle hint, but I am confused to. When Ellaina went through this phase, they told me to keep bringing her. Reassuring me she would start getting use to it and it will get easier. I never heard that from them with Braden. I am stuck not knowing what to do. I have grown to enjoy the classes and rely on that hour as time for myself.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Sweet Flowers!

The kids found some of my props and started playing around with them. I have never seen sweeter flowers then these two!Ellaina making a silly face...too funny

"Just Lay Down Daddy"

Today Brad laid down with Ellaina for nap time. He was just going to stay in there until she fell asleep, but she had other plans :) She would be laying still for a little while, so Brad assumed she was sleeping. He was just starting to get up when Ellaina put her hand on his head to push him down saying "Just lay down Daddy". He tried hard not to laugh, but I don't know how successful he was :)

Just DON"T Say NO

Braden HATES when we say "NO" to him. He gives us this sad face with his lower lip look sticking out, and then the tears start. It is so sad. Ellaina had no problem with us saying no to her.

On Saturday, our neighbors Theresa and Cash were watching the kids while I had a portrait session. Theresa said the kids were great and they both had a lot of fun. They have a daughter named Grace, who is about a year older than Ellaina. Whenever we get together with them, Ellaina has such a blast with Grace. I stayed there a few minutes talking with them. Braden was doing something he wasn't supposed to, so I told him no. It didn't take long for the face and tears to come. I explained how Braden doesn't like being told "NO", and they started laughing. Apparently Braden was heading up their steps, and when they said no he did the same thing. That's my sensitive little guy :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Purple Pride!

We are trying to help the time go faster while we anxiously await today's game. I have been getting so much crap from all the Cowboy fans here, that it will make this victory even more exciting. No greater joy then watching their precious Cowboys self destruct, especially as the Vikes run all over them! So meanwhile we play in our purple with great anticipation :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Popcorn Fight!

Movie night had a little twist to it this weekend. We sat in bed watching a movie and eating popcorn with the kids. Then somehow popcorn was everywhere. Brad looked a little upset at first, but then started throwing it at Ellaina. We were all laughing! Braden started jumping on the bed making the popcorn go everywhere it wasn't already. It was a popcorn food fight in bed. Lots of fun, but a little itchy at night when we realized we didn't get it all.

Smith Family Fun Night!

We had Josh, Courtney and family over last night. It was so much fun hanging out and watching the kids play. We had some good times playing cards and just joking around. Like usual, Courtney and I dominated Brad and Josh in Hockey (a card game). They are just REALLY bad at it. Ryleigh and Ellaina enjoyed dressing up as princess and played really well together. They tried the sleeping in one room thing, but that didn't really quite workout. Carter has become such a big guy already. Braden was enjoying sitting with him and giving him the occasional hug. It just reminded me, that we don't get to do that enough.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Longhorn Heartbreak

What a hard game to watch last night. Poor Longhorns...that's really all I can say. But like the wise Brad Jackson says,
"You have to watch them lose to appreciate the win."
Still it was a tough one. At least we had good company with Phillip and his brother Steven over.

Rice Milk Addict

It is official Braden has a sever problem, dare I say addiction. He seriously goes through one half gallon of rice milk every other day. Quite the expensive habit. Unfortunately, he and mommy still can't handle dairy. I'm pretty sure he would be an addict if it was regular milk as well. It is definitely his comfort tool, like a pacifier. Anyone who has stock in "Rice Dream" rice milk...your welcome.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Gavin was staying with us on Monday night, and Ellaina couldn't have been more happy! That was all she talked about Monday morning until his grandma dropped him off. Even once he got here, it was Gavin this and Gavin that. She loved having him lay down in her bed at story time. Braden plays pretty well with them too, but sadly is sometimes left out. Luckily, he doesn't seem bothered at all when it happens. I think my favorite part of the day was when the three of them road around the main level chasing each other and giggling so hard. We also had a jam dance party, which turned into me flipping them instead. It was a nice change from our routine.

When it came for bed time, everyone did fairly well. I took off to go to Latin Fusion class for an hour, and I think that was a little crazy. Brad looked worn out when I got home. He was brave enough to give the kids a bath by himself. He gets major points for that...I don't know if I would have tried that myself. :) Our kids like to run around naked when they get out of the bath. It becomes a game of chase, which they think is so funny. Braden was already asleep when I got home, so I got Gavin's breathing treatment ready and started that. Ellaina was very curious about his little nebulizer. It was such a sweet way to end the night. I had Gavin and Ellaina on my lap reading books on the glider. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Ellaina was the first to wake in the morning, so we sat in bed watching a show until everyone else woke up. I went into the closet, to get Brad's work shirt, and Gavin was just sitting there in the pack n' play. Not crying or anything, just sitting there all sweet and quiet. (Yes, he slept in our walk in closet. We don't have an extra room and that is the quietest place. When we have overnight company, Braden gets booted to the closet too. The only downside is that Brad forgot to get his work cloths out of there last night, and he is not always the most quiet.) The kids watched a cartoon and had their milk in bed until Braden woke up. Once we got downstairs for breakfast, Ellaina was so excited to have Gavin eating with her. The whole day was such a delight! Ellaina could not have been more happy! This morning she kept asking about Gavin. With the van in the shop, Kim ended up taking her to school for me, so she got a chance to see him after all. I LOVE how much they like to be together!


Do to the cold, Brad was able to have breakfast with us this morning. Whatever the reason, we will take it...breakfast with Daddy is the best! The breakfast conversation was quite humorous. Ellaina keeps talking about Grandma & Papa coming down. This morning, she informed us that Papa is Braden's and Grandma is hers. Then she said with all certainty, "Grandma and Papa are coming Wednesday". Where she came up with Wednesday I have no clue. We explained that it will be a little while longer before they fly down. A few minutes later she started talking about going to the Merry-go-round again...on Wednesday. Don't quite know how she came up with Wednesday, but apparently that's the fun day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puppy Love!

We had The Barron's dog Sadie over night, and the kids were in love. They kept wanting to hug and kiss Sadie. It was so sweet!


Last night we were reading "Ten Little Ladybugs" and were shocked to learn Braden knows how to count to SEVEN! I knew he could count to three, but not seven. I count to three when Ellaina isn't doing what she is told, and he likes to starts counting with me :) You could imagine our surprise when he was counting the ladybugs before me. I would say one, and he would say two, then I would say two and he would say on and so on. Brad and I just looked at each other in amazement. We picked up our jaws and started to count the lady bugs again. He counted to seven two more times. It is so true that kids are such sponges at this age. My kids seem to amaze me everyday!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Ellaina has become fascinated with everything Princess...especially Cinderella. She refers to herself as Cinderella, and when we do the same she gets so happy. Last night I said "Good Night Cinderella", and she smiled ear to ear. She received Princess dishes for Christmas, and she loves them. It has been a couple weeks and she still gets excited about them. My little Ellaina also refers to everything she is wearing as "Cinderella" this and that. They aren't just cloths, they are "Cinderella pants!" or "Cinderella shirts!". It is so cute!!

We watched the original Cinderella movie over Christmas and now that's all she wants to watch on movie day. Cinderella is also the first book she brings me to read. Kids are creatures of habit, but wow it is Cinderella overload :) I loved Disney movies too, so I know quite a bit of the songs from when I was young. It comes in handy when I read her the Disney books. I usually sing a song when I reach a song part of a book. For instance, when I read her Cinderella I usually sing part of "Cinderelly" and "Bippity Boppity Bo". I don't know all the words, so I usually mumble it out when I get stumped. Ellaina had me laughing yesterday when she was walking around singing "Cinderelly" and started doing the same mumbling I do. I guess I better learn the words...for my Cinderella :)

Friday, January 1, 2010