Thursday, February 25, 2010


My little girl has been accident free for a while now. No more daytime diapers! She has finally got the poopy thing down too.

I owe it all to the bunco group swap. We all brought things we weren't using anymore and exchanged them with each other. I had gotten a lot of princess stuff and books. The next morning, we all played with everything I had gotten. Ellaina was so excited about all the princess jewelery and princess books. Before bed time I collected all the new things and Ellaina helped me put them in a box. I explained to her that this is her prize box. If she went poopy in the potty, she would get to pick out one prize.

She woke up talking about the purple purse she wanted. It didn't take long before she went running to the bathroom and did it. It was so exciting!! I got the box out and she picked out her prize. It didn't take long for her to decide what she wanted next. It has been poopy in the potty happiness ever since.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Them are Cute"

Ellaina came down stairs this morning with a mismatched outfit on. She had dressed herself today and it was very obvious. I started laughing and told her we have to change her into something different since she had worn the skirt yesterday. Then she said "Them are cute." regarding her cloths. Brad and I started laughing because it was so cute how she said it. It was quite funny, especially when you consider how mismatched I was this morning with my orange, wool, knee high socks (trying to stay warm).

Friday, February 12, 2010

More Snow FUN!

After breakfast, we headed out for a second day of snow fun! This time we took to the backyard and played on the snowy swing set. Brad and Braden were admiring the beautiful snow covered creek, while Ellaina picked up where she left off...eating the snowman :)

Peacful Beauty!

Today was the second morning we got to wake up to the crisp, beautiful snow. This time I headed outside right away to take some pictures of all the trees and the creek before the sun started melting it away. I have never seen so much snow here before. It throws me off when I look outside. For a moment, I think I am back in Minnesota. I can't get over how peaceful and magical it looks with the crisp snow covering everything. I absolutely love it, especially since it will be gone by tomorrow :)Scenery from our loft windowsScenery from Braden's window

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun in the SNOW!

I felt like a child again when I stepped into the loft to the site of fresh snow covering the treetops of the creek. I have never seen the creek look so beautiful. I ran into our room and flung open of curtains to show Brad and Ellaina (who had crawled into our bed a couple minutes earlier). Ellaina shared my enthusiasm. Once we got Braden out of his bed and opened his shade, the true magical beauty of the snow hit us. After all, he does have the best view in the house.

We couldn't get outside fast enough. We had breakfast and started layering the kids up in cloths. A couple of our neighbors joined in the snow fun. Brad made the kids a snowman, while I pushed the kids in the wooden sleigh. It is actually a studio Christmas prop, but worked real well in the snow. Braden started to get a little tired. It was as if his boots were full of cement while he walked in the snow. Ellaina truly enjoyed eating the snow. She made muffins (snowballs) and was really eating them.

After everyone headed in, Ellaina and I were left playing outside just the two of us. I showed her how to make a snow angel, and we couldn't go inside until EVERY part of the snow covered grass had a snow angel on it. It took a while, almost as long as it took for my feet to defrost afterwards. As if the snow wasn't magical enough, having so much fun as a family made it perfect!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teary Farewell

This was by far the hardest farewell I have done with my parents since they began visiting us down here. Brad was not able to go to the airport with us, so it was just the kids and I. It doesn't really matter how long I have lived here in Texas, saying goodbye to my parents is still quite hard. However, this one was one for the history books.

Ellaina knew we were going to the airport for Grandma & Papa to fly home, but apparently she thought she was going too. She cried and screamed to go with them, then for them not to leave at all. It was such a horrible feeling. It was almost like listening to her heart breaking in those moments. It of course added to my usual goodbye tears, which probably didn't help. By the time my parents were out of sight, Ellaina was still screaming for them in the car. I turned around to calm her down and she saw the tears in my eyes. She suddenly stopped screaming and slowly her tears went away. My sweet little girl was asleep before we got on the highway. All the screaming and crying wore her out. Like I said worse farewell yet.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sleeping in the Closet?

While Grandma and Papa were in town, our little guy slept in the closet at night time. It's not as bad as it sounds :) We don't have an extra room anymore, so it is the best solution. Besides, our closet it much bigger than it needs to be. I would have rather had a smaller closet and had that as a nursery off the master bedroom. When ever we have a third child, that might be our only option anyways. In the mean time, Braden sleeps well in the closet with his pack n' long as Daddy gets his work cloths out before he goes to bed :)

Carousel Fun!

We headed to Stonebriar mall for some carousel fun. Which happens to be Ellaina's favorite. We can't even go to that mall without her talking about going on the Merry-go-round. It was great sharing the fun with Grandma & Papa, especially since it meant I didn't need to ride myself. Ever since having babies, my body can't handle things that spin. I get nauseous so easily. Besides, nothing could compare with sharing these moments with Grandma & Papa.

Ellaina kept wanting to ride the purple horse. Although, she did get Papa to ride on the seat with her once. It was so sweet watching them ride together. Braden LOVED the horses as well. He would get so excited when they would pass me waving. He would twist his little body around smiling ear to ear. It never seemed to get old to him. Every time they would go past me he would look at me with such delight waving his little hand with so much enthusiasm. It was an amazing day with Grandma & Papa!

"Whanna kiss my butty butt?"

Yes, you saw that right. My little lady leaned over and asked me if i wanted to kiss her butty butt :) She was actually asking me to kiss her "owe" (butt) after she fell. It was just the way she said it that got Brad and I laughing. Is it too late for us to teach her to call it a "bottom"? Rookie mistake on our part. Maybe we can do better with Braden and not get him calling his bottom a "butty butt".

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Our little guy was baptised Sunday at Our Lady of Angels! It was such a wonderful service, made even more special with my parents in town. My dad actually stood in as the proxy for my brother, Braden's Godfather. Braden is blessed to have Jason as his Godfather and Laura as his Godmother. It means everything to us to finally have him baptised, especially with so many of our loved ones present. He is also incredibly blessed to have such amazing role models as his Godparents!

Braden was quite tired and struggled a little during mass. Thankfully he did really well while he was being Baptised. He gave Father Bell a little look, but that was about it. Shortly there after, Braden was sound asleep in my arms. So sweet and precious! Ellaina actually did the same thing. She fell asleep in Brad's arms right after she was baptised. Ellaina was so well behaved through the mass. Apparently, all we need for Ellaina to behave during service, is Grandma. Oh, did I mention Grandma snuck her some M&M's. Who wouldn't sit good and quiet for M&M's :)

After church, everyone came over for brunch. It was nice to visit and enjoy each others company. The day was so wonderful and such a blessing!