Monday, March 29, 2010

Pool Fun!

Yesterday we headed to Lifetime for some swimming fun...and that was what we had! We all splashed around and just had such a great time! Logan and Ethan (and possibly Jason) went down the water slide, while Brad and I kept switching between Ellaina and Braden. They also had so much fun splashing around. Braden especially liked being under the mushroom waterfall. He kept his hands in the air feeling the water while we were under it the first time. Ellaina was really enjoying jumping to us. Once Emma joined in the jumping, Ellaina was having even more FUN! Emma was able to touch in the deep end (4ft), so she thought that was so cool!

After dinner, we headed out to Town Lake for a run. It ended up being more of a brisk walk :) The bike we borrowed for Emma was a little too big, so the boys road scooters while we all walked (Ellaina and Braden road in stroller). It was very refreshing. The breeze made it a little cooler, but it was still such a beautiful day! The kids were fascinated with all the different looking geese. We saw two muskrats too. Logan and Ethan we able to get pretty close to them before they jumped into the water.

We headed home to get Ellaina and Braden to bed. Afterwards, we put in a movie and enjoyed popcorn and M&M's while watching "RV". Emma didn't quite make it through the movie before falling asleep...then again neither did Brad :) Another FUN FUN day!

Great Family Day!!

Today was a great start to our time with our company! We headed out to my MOPS group Sweet Repeats sale a little after they arrived. The sale goes to half off before closing. You can get such great deals cloths and other kids stuff. It was perfect timing for them, they were able to pick up some summer cloths for the did I. After that, we spent most of the day outside playing and soaking up the sun.

The boys cleaned up the litter in the creek. We get trash from time to time that runs down stream to us. Logan was determined to dig out a tire barred into the side of our creek hill. I haven't ever seen it before, so all the recent water must have washed the dirt away enough to expose it. It was barred about 90%, but Logan dug and dug until it was out. Only he would be that determined :)

Our company all got a little nap in. It was a long drive, so they needed it. We had dinner together and than Brad and I gave the kids a bath and got them down for bed. Emma sat with us while we read and sang our songs before bed. Ellaina really liked having Emma with her for that! She asked Emma to lay with her a couple times :) Once the kids were in bed, Brad, Jason, Eric, Chris and I headed out for some adult time. It was so nice! We ended up at Aparicios for some desserts and good conversation! It was such a treat to spend time with everyone! I really miss my family and when they are down, it makes me realize it even more.

Our Company has Arrived!

Our Minnesota company arrived this morning! We were all anxiously awaiting their arrival. Ellaina asked about it at least once a day for the last couple weeks. My cousin Eric, Chris (his wife) and his daughter Selena will be staying with us tonight as well as my brother and the kids, so it is going to be a full house. My favorite kind!! Then Eric & Chris will head south to drop Selina off at her mom's for Spring break, while they have a mini vacation in Corpas. We got to see them last Spring Break too, but this time they brought extras :)

My brother and the kids haven't been here since we have had kids, so needless to say we are all so excited! Braden's bed has been moved into our room, to make room for everyone. We borrowed Kim and Kevin's trundle for under Braden's twin bed and put up the twin air mattress. That covers Jason & kids sleeping arrangements. For Eric and Chris, we set up an air mattress in my studio and pulled my background to cover all the entrances. It actually works really well. Selena was happy to sleep on the couch, so she could watch a little "Twilight" before bed. With every ones sleeping arrangements set, we were able to relax and enjoy each others company outside! This is going to be the best next few days!

Mommy's Bed Buddy!

Braden was sleeping in the closet last night for the first time since being out of his crib. My brother and the kids have his room, so we moved his toddler bed into ours for nap time. Bedtime is a different story though. Brad usually wakes up really early for work, which isn't always the easiest. His alarm goes off at least two times before he is up...usually three. I have grown accustom to it and can usually sleep through it. However, we weren't sure if Braden would be able to, so we moved him into the closet for bedtime last night.

He did good falling asleep in the pack n' play, but was awake and crying about 5:30am when Brad was leaving for work. I brought him to bed with me and explained that it is bed time. He has never been able to fall back asleep with me in bed before. I usually give up and turn on a cartoon, so he doesn't wake Ellaina up. Not this time morning! I got to sleep with my little guy this morning. It was so sweet, and I found myself just watching him sleep. He was rubbing my hand while falling asleep, so when he stopped, I knew he was out. It was such a wonderful way to start our day! It's going to be even better once Jason and the kids wake up! We are so blessed to have them staying with us for a couple days!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Little Giggly Girl

Giggles giggles everywhere, that is the best way to describe little Ellaina. She has gotten to be a silly, giggly little treat. She just seems to love life, especially when she is surrounded by friends...which seems to be most of the time. Like Ellaina, I also love to be surrounded by friends, an we are blessed to have so many great ones!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!

Today we headed over to Kristi’s for the MOPS Easter egg hunt. It was a great time, and Ellaina was sweet about helping Braden find eggs. After the hunt was over, we had a picnic lunch and the kids played around on her incredible swing set. It had everything a kid could want and the kids loved it. They played inside a little while as well. Ellaina found this helmet mask thingy. I could not stop laughing at her. I will attach a picture; it was just so funny seeing her trying to do things with it on :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Max & Lizzy Have Arrived!!

My sister had her sweet babies on Thursday! Maxwell Henry arrived first and was 6lbs 6oz and 19 1/2inches. Elizabeth Rebecca was only 5lbs even and 19 inches. Everyone is doing wonderfully! The twins are sharing a bassinet and are so lovely. I wish I could be there with everyone and meet the newest members to the Wisnefske family! Congratulations Jenni and Bruce!! Keep the pictures coming!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dance and Music Jam Party for Two!

I was putting the laundry away the other morning and keep hearing my bedside radio going on, off, loud and louder. I instantly knew which little fingers it was playing DJ. Both my kids LOVE music, but Braden also LOVES "buttons". It was starting to get ridiculously loud, so I went to turn it down. I was stopped by the adorable jam session Ellaina and Braden were having. They were both standing on my bed ladder, shaking their little bottoms to the music. I wish I had a video camera on me, but I did get the next best thing. The picture just doesn't do it justice. Their little bottoms and hips were moving together to the beat. So So So CUTE!!

King of the Mountain!

This is what my Monday's usually consist of while Ellaina is at school. I try to start the wash Sunday afternoon and wrap it up sometime Monday or Tuesday. It is my never ending chore. Luckily we get to find some fun in times. :)

Valentine LOVE!

Our Valentines day was filled with the usual hugs and kisses, but had the wonderful extras to make the day special :) Brad got both kids a little chocolate marshmallow treat. It was so funny, because those are the same marshmallow things my dad would give to us every Valentines day. I always looked forward to those! It was our special little Valentine from my Dad, and I love that the kids might share that with Brad now too.

Kitty Kisses

Braden is all about Jinx, his occasional bed buddy! He is always giving him kisses and hugging on him...well more like tackling him. The other night Brad was holding Jinx and Braden was going crazy loving up on him. It was so sweet!

Donuts with Dad!

Brad went to Ellaina's school this morning for "Donuts with Dad"! She was so excited when she saw Daddy and was able to share her work with him. She made daddy a tie to wear, but refused to wear one herself :) The kids were supposed to wear one of their daddy's ties to school. Ellaina and I dug through the closet trying to find a tie she wanted to wear. Finally, she informed me she wanted to wear a hard hat instead. I realizes she never really sees Brad in a tie, but has seen him in a hard hat when we stop by his work. I can't believe she figured that out herself, and put the two together. She wore her hard hat proudly as she celebrated this special morning with Daddy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Braden's Addiction Worsens

Braden's Rice Milk addiction has been taken to a new height. It has gotten to be this dirty little habit were he sneaks off with his blanket and lays on the floor drinking his milk. I don't know if sneaks off is even the right way to put it. He will even drop to the kitchen floor with his blanket and sippy and just lay there drinking his milk too. We might have to get him into a MA support group :)

One Week!

Well it has been a week with the toddler bed. It is hard to believe it can be this easy again, but he is staying in it and sleeping through the night! We took down his crib on Sunday, so we could put his toddler bed against the wall. He had rolled out of it a couple times, and by Sunday we had to come up with a solution for that. We figured if there was only one way he could get out, we would be cutting down on the chances for him roll out. :)

Saturday night was the moment I knew we had to get his toddler bed against the wall. I got home from baby sitting, to Brad sleeping on the couch in a comatose state and Braden crying in his room. I went to see what was wrong, and the poor little guy had rolled out of bed and gotten himself under it. He was so upset that it took me a couple minutes to calm him down and get him back to sleep. Since moving it against the wall, there hasn't been any roll outs. Now he is just our little guy sleeping in a big boy bed :) Here are two pictures of his room now without the crib.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally, My Bed Time Kisses!

A couple months ago, I told Brad I wanted to get Braden in his toddler bed. We both thought it might have been too early, since we don't need to rush him out of the crib like we did Ellaina. I knew there was no rush, but I wanted him out of his crib for selfish reasons. Every night I check on the kids before I go to bed. I pull up their blankets, turn down their humidifiers and end my night the most incredible way...kissing on my babies. Well since we moved Braden's crib railings up all the way, I haven't been able to reach him for kisses. I settled with kissing my hand and placing it on his head, but it just wasn't the same.

Now, since putting Braden in his big boy bed, I have been able to kiss both my babies good night...well actually all three (if you include Brad). It has made my nights perfect! XOXOXO

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Boy Bed!?!

Tonight is our first attempt at having Braden sleep in his big boy (toddler) bed. Like I posted earlier, my little acrobat has figured out how to climb out of his crib, so we figured it was time. Didn't want him getting hurt when he literally flips over the crib railing.

He was a big help setting it up with me today :) Aunt Kim brought Ellaina to school for us, so that left the morning to get out the toddler bed and assemble it again. We also raised his twin bed, so we could put the storage drawers under there when we take down the crib. He liked sitting on the wooden rails while I was putting it together. He slept in it at nap time today, but it was a transfer, so it really didn't count. He was already asleep so not given the opportunity to get out and play.
I have to say though so far so good. He has been in there for about 15 minutes now just singing and talking. We tucked him in real tight and he was enjoying looking at books in his new bed. The urge for another baby is getting harder to resist, especially now that the crib will be coming down. I have been trying to keep my distance from the babies at my MOPS group, because immediately I come home asking Brad what he thinks about having another one when we get home from out trip Mexico. We are both not sure, pros and cons to waiting, maybe we will just have to leave it up to God to decide this one. But for now, our baby is not so much a baby anymore.

"Bowl of Spaghetti"!

We were reading Dora Treasure Chest tonight before bed, and it had Ellaina cracking up! They have to travel through the singing bridge, who sings songs silly. In the book he sang Row Row Row Your Boat, but at the end it was written "life is but a...Bowl of Spaghetti". Apparently that is the funniest thing to a three year old. We sang that song over and over again for a good five minutes. It had Braden laughing too, but nothing like Ellaina. She would start laughing so bad at "Merrily Merrily Merrily" that you could hardly understand her when it got to "bowl of spaghetti". It was such a wonderful way to end the night. Her laugh is so contagious and adorable!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Little Tumbler

Braden flipped himself out of his crib for the first time today. I put him in there for a timeout and all of a sudden his crying started getting louder/closer to me. I looked at his doorway and he was just standing there. I was shocked. Ellaina never learned how to get out of her crib, but then again she never really got the opportunity. She was in her toddler bed by 15 months.

Later in the day, I put him down for a nap. About two hours later I heard him wake up and then the next time he spoke, he was at his door saying "Open it, Open it, Open it" over and over again. I was astonished again. I really wanted to see what he was doing. We have nothing around him to push off on or climb down. I was confused as to how he was getting out...without getting hurt. Curiosity go the better of me, so I set him back in his crib. Ellaina and I went running into our room to watch him on the video monitor.

It was incredible. He would hold onto the back of the crib to kick his tiny little leg over the railing. Then he would pull himself over the railing, and tuck his feet into the outside railings to stand on the mattress. From there he would just hop down and that was that. I was in disbelief. My little guy figured this out already. I guess we won't be waiting until after our company comes to put up the toddler bed :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Exercise Partner

Ellaina likes to participate in my exercises when she is awake. It is better than Braden, who just wants to sit on me :) It is funny how she really tries to do it right.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Night Out!

Our friend Jamie came into town for work, which gave us an excuse to get together :) We met him and the Eastman’s out for some food, sauki and fun. It was great to catch up, although the Eastman’s were keeping a secret...they had found out they were expecting!