Monday, June 28, 2010

Pool PARTY!!

Braden's 2nd B-day Party (114)

Braden’s birthday pool party was yesterday and it was such a BLAST!! So many of our friends turned out to celebrate, which made it extra special! There isn’t much else you can do when it’s 100 degrees out, so everyone was either in or near the pool. The kids all played so well together and took some time out of the pool to decorate their t-shirts :)  After the party Braden opened his presents. He became instantly attached to his new Buzz Lightyear toy. Before going to bed, I went to give Braden a kiss and he was still holding him. It was so adorable!

I still can’t believe our little guys is two already. Time just seems to zoom by so quickly…too quickly. Happy Birthday Braden! We LOVE you so very much!! You bring us an abundance of joy and laughter. Thank you for being your sweet self :)Braden's 2nd B-day Party (45)Braden's 2nd B-day Party (13)Braden's 2nd B-day Party (2) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (14)Braden's 2nd B-day Party (20)Braden's 2nd B-day Party (22) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (23) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (24)Braden's 2nd B-day Party (29) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (30)Braden's 2nd B-day Party (31) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (37) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (38)Braden's 2nd B-day Party (1) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (48) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (50) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (58) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (80) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (107) Braden's 2nd B-day Party (111) Opening presents (28) Opening presents (2) Opening presents (11) Opening presents (16) Opening presents (22) Opening presents (23) Cuddling with his Buzz b-day present

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Braden’s 2nd Birthday!

Braden's 2nd Birthday (29)Braden had a pretty low key birthday today. Daddy had a stomach bug, so we laid low and spent the day as a family. We did try to venture out to a splash pad, but that was not a good idea…for daddy. So we headed back home to finish opening presents and have some birthday cupcakes. The kids really enjoyed the cupcakes…especially the frosting. His pool party is tomorrow, so that will be a FUN celebration!Braden's 2nd Birthday (40)Braden's 2nd Birthday (39)Braden's 2nd Birthday (38)Braden's 2nd Birthday (33)Braden's 2nd Birthday (11)Braden's 2nd Birthday (15)Braden's 2nd Birthday (24)Braden's 2nd Birthday (1)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miss Giggle

Ellaina is my little Miss Giggles! She is always giggling and enjoying life. She is so playful and just seems to enjoy everything to the fullest. It makes me so proud, as a parent, to see her have so much fun in and with everything. Even more, I love how her giggles are so contagious. It sets the scene for many light and cheerful moments throughout the day. I cannot explain what joy and pride motherhood has brought me, but when Ellaina gets me giggling, I feel like that is what my heart is always like :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Smarty Pants

My little guy is getting to smart for his britches. I find myself forgetting that he is not even two yet. We were reading the book "Ten Little Ladybugs" the other night, and out of no where, Braden starts counting the Spanish. He got to nueve (nine) without needing help. We usually count the ladybugs alternating between English & Spanish, but I never thought he would have been able to do it himself already. Ellaina still gets stumped sometimes and she is 19 months older than him. He is just so verbal and more advanced than I remember. It always makes for funny and interesting moments...

Like the other day in the car. We listen to classic Disney songs and Choo Choo Soul Cd's in the car about 80% of the time (the other 20% I need to gain my sanity back from listening to these songs). Anyway, Ellaina and Braden were asking for the "Aladdin" song. It's that "One step ahead of the..." song Aladdin sings at the beginning of the movie as he is running away from the police like people. Ellaina always likes to sing along, and Braden enjoys the song too. He was back there kind of singing along maybe to every third word or so. Until we got the their favorite part of the song.

There is a part of the song were a lady sings "still I think he's rather tasty." Her voice goes from soft to really rough at "rather tasty". Apparently Braden has picked up on this. He started whispering "still I think he's" and than sang "rather tasty" loader and rough. Brad and I looked at each other and started rolling with laughter. We played it over about three times before we finally stopped laughing. It was incredibly funny and unexpected. I knew he had kind of started singing along to some of the songs, but I didn't know he realized the voice fluctuation. It was too funny.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day with the Daugherty’s!

We had decided to have a last minute Memorial Day fajita cook out; luckily the Daugherty’s were looking for somewhere to celebrate :) The kids got to swim in the kiddy pool while we all relaxed.

Brad and I (mostly Brad) put a fence up earlier this weekend. It fences in the patio and the kids play area. It has been nice to not have to chase the kids away from the slope to the creek. We have actually been able to sit and watch the kids play together…when we aren’t pushing them in the swing. It has been the best thing we have done to the house since having kids :)

Anyway, we all got to enjoy the day and even ate outside. We were able to celebrate Kevin’s birthday together also, since he will be out of town for it this year. Kim brought a cake and we rang in Kevin’s old age with a little singing and cake. It was a perfect end to a great weekend.

Earlier that weekend we headed over to Grandpa and Jeanne’s house for a Memorial Day party. They had everyone over for swimming, food, family and fun. It was such a nice time and the kids just wanted to swim and swim and swim. It’s always nice when we all can get together and always nice when we get a long weekend with Daddy!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Ta Dah"

This is Ellaina's new favorite thing to say. She will do something and than throw her arms out saying "Ta Dah" with such pride. It is so funny and cute. The other day I caught myself doing it. This brought about my question, is she rubbing off on me or have I been doing it and rubbing off on her? Either way, we are both rubbing off on Braden because he has done it a few times ever since :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Who wants to come see my big poopy?"

Ellaina is at that age where she says things that can be a little embarrassing without her knowing it. This has caused a few embarrassing moments in public places, but it comes along with the mommy territory. Brad hasn't experienced this quite much as, so it was funny to hear his response to Ellaina's question yesterday. She had gone to the bathroom and came out with great excitement asking, "Who wants to come see my big poopy?" Brad was laying on the floor and just erupted into laughter. This had me laughing and eventually Brad followed her to flush it. I have a feeling this is only the beginning...