Sunday, July 25, 2010

We’re Gonna Win Twins…

or not? We got the chance to catch a Twins game with a couple of our friends. The game itself wasn’t the best, but their new outdoor stadium rocks! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. What a GREAT time!!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Kids Just Know

I always find it amazing how kids just know when something isn't right. It is strange to think children so young can be completely in touch with the emotions of people around them.

Today I got the bad news I had suspected since Monday. I had indeed miscarried. I haven't been feeling very well for a couple weeks now, but I had just assumed the hot weather was making it worse on my stomach when I gave into my dairy temptations (which I do a lot). We had a great fourth of July weekend, but I remember Brad commenting that maybe I should go see my doctor. Well, I didn't get a chance to think twice about it when I was making an appointment with my OB due to three positive pregnancy tests.

Brad and I were trying to get pregnant, but it took us two years and a miscarry for Ellaina, and we went forward with a surgery that helped me with pain and conceive Braden. Needless to say, we didn't think we were because we had just started using the ovulation monitor a little over two months ago. You would think after three pregnancies I would know my body better, but obviously not. It didn't take me long to figure out what was going on when the pain and bleeding began. I went to the doctor twice for blood work, and today it was confirmed that my count is dropping and I did indeed miscarry. Thankfully I have a very observant little girl, who keeps randomly throwing her arms around me and showering me with hugs. She doesn't know/get what is going on with Mommy, but she knows Mommy could use extra hugs. It is just one of those things kids know, and thank God for it.

Monday, July 5, 2010


OK, I am so behind on my blogging. I have been trying to write "Titles" so I could come back and blog about it later. Well, I have been doing that since March now, so for the sack of my kid yearly blog book, I am going to post date blog posts so they remain in the correct chronically order. This means my newer posts may be in the "older posts". Sorry for any confusion (Mom and Dad). I will get it done this week, so you won't have to worry about looking back after next Sunday. Sorry :(

Some of the Best Hugs!

My kids give some of the best hugs I have ever had. They wrap those little arms around your neck so tight. You are on the verge of loosing your breath, but don't want them to let up because it is such a loving moment. These are the hugs we get from our kids on a regular basis. Whether it is the first hug of the day or the twentieth, it has the same magic. There hugs are the best gift and cure :)

"Tunnel Kisses are the BEST!"

While floating down the lazy river at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, the kids (especially Braden) would get so excited when he would see the tunnels. Somehow, we started giving each other kisses as we would go under the tunnels. It was so much fun that is became something we would do under every tunnel. We would make our rounds making sure we all gave/were given a kiss. At one point I must have said "Tunnel kisses are the best", because Braden kept saying it. He would float in his little car/boat tube with his one arm tightly gripped around Brad or I and say "Tunnel kisses are the best!". Even Ellaina was loving tunnel kisses, but then again she loves any kisses :) (I will post some pictures once we develop the disposable water camera.)

4th of July Water Park Adventures!

This 4th of July, we decided to celebrate with a mini vacation to Arlington/Hurricane Harbor. Lately, Brad has been working such LONG hours, that a fun family outing seemed due...and it was. With his birthday two days after 4th if July, we decided to celebrate both Independence day and best daddy ever Birthday :)

We headed to Hawthorn hotel early Sunday and were excited to find out we could check-in so soon. We brought our stuff to the room and headed off to Six Flag's Hurricane Harbor. It was the beginning of a wonderful family day! We all had a lot of fun trying out the wave pool and the lazy river, but nothing compared to the kids play area. Ellaina and Braden ran around playing in the water and all over the boat.

Our little Ellaina was so brave. She would run right up the stairs and slide down the water slides like an old pro. It wasn't long before she was heading for the big slide and giggling as the water splashed up her face at the end. Braden was a little more timid. He was grabbing onto my arm so tight the first time we went down the little slide together. After the first time he enjoyed the slide, but never wanted to go down alone.

Although there was a tunnel Braden enjoyed going through. Unfortunately he would insist I go through with him. I wouldn't say I am the most claustrophobic person, but seriously I don't think there is any adult who wouldn't be able to going through that tunnel without freaking out a little. It was small, kind of long and water would spray out above you. By the tenth or eleventh time, Braden would just want to sit and play in there. I could feel the scream building up in me. I was trying to catch my breath, as I exited the tunnel after Braden, and looked up to see Brad laughing at me. I guess it did look funny seeing a grown person stumble out of that little tunnel :)

We headed back to the hotel for a late lunch and nap. All four of us in a king bed together wasn't the most restful nap I ever got, but Brad and the kids seemed to have gotten a good enough nap in. All rested, we headed for the trolley to take us back to the water park this time. The kids really enjoyed the trolley ride. In fact, that was what Ellaina said was her favorite part of the day :)

We picked up some little car/boat rafts for them this time and headed out to the wave pool again. Ellaina didn't want to be in the floaty. She loved having the waves hit her and jolt her back. A couple times, she would catch a wave straight in her face, but just wanted to keep going out deeper. She would just giggle and giggle. Once again, Braden wasn't the bravest. He would want to just sit on the step entry and let the waves hit his feet. I guess maybe that's an age thing, or maybe Ellaina's swim lessons really busted her confidence in water?

We went around the lazy river a couple more times and headed back to the kids boat and play fort area. We must have played around there for another couple hours before we realized it was getting late. One more stop at the wave pool and then we were off. With popcorn in hand, we sat and waited for the trolley ride home. It was such an incredible time! Couldn't have asked for a better day together :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Braden’s Growth Stats!

Here are all the growth stats I have thus far for my little Braden!

Braden (2 months) 14lbs 6 ounces, 24 inches (93% weight & 82%height)

Braden (6 months) 19lbs, 28 inches (64% weight & 84%height)

Braden (9 months) 19lbs 9 ounces, 28 3/4 inches (31% weight & 64%height) (No dairy the last few month has started taking a toll on his weight gain)

Braden (1 year) 21lbs 12 ounces, 29 3/4 inches (31% weight & 45%height)

Braden (15 months) 22lbs 10 ounces, 31 3/4 inches (21% weight & 67%height)

Braden (2 year) 27lbs 15 ounces, 35 inches (49% weight & 66%height)

Ellaina Growth Stats!

I realized I never added Ellaina’s growth stats to the blog, so here is what I have saved so far :)

Ellaina (2 weeks) 9lbs 1 ounce, 23 inches (72% weight & 99%height)

Ellaina (2 months) 12lbs 1 ounce, 25 1/4 inches (89% weight & 99%height)

Ellaina (4 months) 17lbs 7 ounce, 27 1/2 inches (97% weight & 99%height)

Ellaina (6 months) 19lbs 13 ounce, 29 inches (96% weight & 99%height)

Ellaina (9 months) 22lbs 3 ounce, 31 1/2 inches (92% weight & 99%height)

Ellaina (11 months) 23lbs 6 ounce (my scale at home)

Ellaina (15 months) 24lbs 8 ounce, 32 1/2 inches (72% weight & 99%height)

Ellaina (18 months) 26lbs 14 ounce, 35 1/2 inches (81% weight & 99%height)

"Good Throw Daddy!"

It wasn't long after Ellaina and I had left to run errands, that I received a call from Brad. He was elated and laughing. Braden and him were playing catch and he wanted me to hear Braden. Every time Brad would throw the ball, Braden would say "Good throw Daddy!". Then every time Brad would catch the ball, Braden would say "Good catch Daddy!". He was cheering Brad on :) I could hear him in the background and thought it was so adorable. It was such a neat moment for them to share together. Brad was enjoying it so much that he recorded it on his cell phone. Everyday is filled with more and more wonderful moments with our children. So many amazing blessings!