Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laundry Equals Fun?

IMG_4884 For the kids that is. They LOVE hanging out in the laundry baskets. Ellaina will tuck Braden in like a bed and then they just lounge together. It is so sweet how close they are and how well they play together. I always wished they would be good friends as they grow, and it seems to be the case. They just keep growing closer and getting to be better friends. They have their moments of course, but for the most part, they truly enjoy playing and being together.

This morning Braden woke up extra early, so after rubbing his tummy for fifteen minutes, I just brought him to bed with me. We just laid there holding hands in the quiet . It was such a wonderful way to wake. After a little while, Ellaina came and climbed into bed too. I wrapped her in my arms and we all just laid there for a few minutes (until the milk monster started requesting his milk). Ellaina reached for Braden’s hand, and they held hands. It was just one big cuddle fest. I LOVE it and I am so blessed to have it happening so frequently. This is the life!IMG_4890 IMG_5256 IMG_5254

Friday, August 13, 2010


This is how Braden would call for Emma. He kept calling her “Elmo”, which had all of us laughing. I don’t know if Emma thought it was quite so funny, but she didn’t hate it. The weirdest thing is that Braden can say “Ellaina” with no problem, but we couldn’t get him to say Emma correctly. It must be a harder name for my kids, because Ellaina used to call her “Mema”. 

Anyway, while in Minnesota we got to see one of Elmo and Logan’s games. Once the kids saw the parks, they were more interested in that than the game. Luckily at Emma’s game, the boys kept an eye on the kids part of the time so I could catch a little of it. It is great watching the kids play sports. Logan and Ethan both pitch now, so I was happy I got to at least see one of them pitching.IMG_2837IMG_2841Logan (1)Logan (13)Logan (10)Logan (2)

Super What!?!

Just Hanging Out June 2010 (2) Okay, Braden has taken a liking to the PBS show Super Why. Apparently the little guy knows more than I give him credit for. On Sunday morning, we were all laying in our bed with cartoons on (it was Brad and my attempt at sleeping in). Super Why was on, and I heard the show say “Do you see any super letters”. All of a sudden Braden goes “T”…and he was right. I figured it was just a lucky guess, but than next time he said it right again…”R”. This was a new episode to us, so I impressed he knew some of his letters. Well apparently he knows more then I thought.

This morning, in attempt to catch up on my work, I turned on a couple shows. There was a new Super Why on the DVR, so I put it on. I wasn’t paying attention to the show, until I heard Braden say “C and U”. I looked up and there were two super letters…C and U. I can’t believe it, I guess it’s time to work on letters with him too.

Pizza Party!


Can two adults and two children follow easy steps to make their own pizza pies? The tummies would say YES :) While my friend Amanda was in town, we decided to help the kids make their own pizzas. This is something my family did a lot when we were kids. It was one of my favorite things to do, so I figured it was time to start the tradition with my family.

The pizzas turned out great! Ellaina’s was pretty much covered with pepperonis, and we were able to scale back on the cheese for my little non-dairy guy. It was a fantastic time and the pizza turned out really tasty. We hope to start adding this dinner to our menu…who am I kidding there is no menu. However, we’ll be doing this again :) IMG_5249

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We LOVE Company!

We always love to have company over, especially in the summer months when Brad is working himself to the bone. This weekend my girlfriend Amanda came into town. We could not have been more excited…except for the cleaning part leading up to her visit :)

She is allergic to cats, so it’s not the usual vacuum, clean bathrooms, change sheets, and stuff things in the closet for a quicker kind of clean. It was the deep clean everything  kind of clean, which was made a little more easier by my neighbors amazing Rainbow Vacuum. This thing was awesome…and gross when I saw what came out of our carpet and upholstery. Cleaning until almost 3:00am paid off though. Amanda survived the entire weekend without Benadryl.  This was way better than her first visit when she was outside wheezing    (I didn’t know she had the allergy). Her next two visits, I was successful at keeping her breathing comfortably, although she was always in a Benadryl induced trans. This was way better :)

The visit was wonderful. A lot more low key than the old days, but it seemed like we both didn’t mind. Both evenings were wild nights…at the movies, and we lounged around during the day. We did do some dress shopping :) Amanda is getting married in January, so she wanted me to try on a couple of the bridesmaid dresses. There were quite a few nice ones, so that was exciting. I don’t know if she found the one she wants us to wear, but I like what she is looking at :)

The kids REALLY enjoyed her too. They would ask about her right away in the morning…even this morning when she wasn’t here anymore. She is fantastic with kids, so she made quite the impression. We always like to dance around in the family room, and Amanda did too. She learned quickly, once you swing them around that’s all they want you to do :) It was a lot of fun! That’s my girl Amanda…always FUN!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great Grandpa!

IMG_2903The kids and I headed to Waverly to visit Great Grandpa. Since Grandpa Antil spends his Thursdays at the senior center, that’s where we went. It was such a fun visit and Grandpa looked great! It didn’t take long for the kids to warm up to him. It took Braden a whole minute before he had his arms around Grandpa’s back giving him hugs. Kind of the backwards, since Ellaina was the one being shy and clinging to me.

We caught up for a little while and joined everyone for lunch. The women who run the Day Center are phenomenon. They were so sweet, companionate and generous. One of the ladies had brought homemade lasagna. We had come with full tummies, but they still made us a plate.

After lunch, we sat and talked while the kids drove match box cars back and forth to Great Grandpa on the table. It was a perfect way to keep them entertained, while we got to catch up. Grandpa seemed to enjoy passing it back to them too, since it got both kids smiling every time their car returned to them :)

My Grandpa and I shared a special memory of my Grandma. The ladies had put on some classic music after lunch. It had me reminiscing to when I was a child and played the organ at their house. I wasn’t very good, but I could play “Bicycle Built for Two”, which was one of my Grandma’s favorite. Grandpa and I started reminiscing together about that song and those times, when “Bicycle Built for Two” came on. I commented on it and than we both started humming/singing along to it with smiles on our face. It was such a great moment and I will cherish it forever :)

We took a walk around the facilities and out into the courtyard. There were chickens, ducks and a rabbit in the courtyard. The kids got a kick out of all the chickens. They would come right up to the fence and stretch all the way up, as if they were waiting to be fed. However the rabbit just stood up, circled around and put his little tail up in the air at us. It was kind of funny. The kids ran through the sprinkler once and then we headed back in. Ellaina LOVES running through sprinklers. Any time we are out walking and there is a sprinkler, she asks if she can run threw it. I love the little giggle and smile she gives while running through it, so I hardly ever object.

We got back to the room and enjoyed playing a couple dice games. They changed it up from card games to dice games, so the kids could play along too. We ended the day with an ice cream sandwich and lots of hugs and kisses. It was a wonderful ending to such an amazing visit with Great Grandpa Antil!

IMG_2898IMG_2908 IMG_2902