Sunday, October 31, 2010

Picture day..our picture day

Today was our attempt at picture day. We had fun getting ready, but that was about where the fun ended. I put Ellaina’s hair in hot rollers, which made her look so grown up. Once they came out (she pulled them out) she had the cutest little curls. Both kids looked so incredibly adorable!

One of my girlfriends is a professional photographer, so we headed out to the square for her to work her magic. She was fantastic…our kids on the other hand were not. They wouldn’t look at her. Braden was playing shy and Ellaina was being goofy. Than, Ellaina hurt her arm as we swung her, so she ended up in tears. Oh, did I mention that Braden was in tears at least one time too. They were their usual fabulous camera selves.

Laura was so patient though and kept trying to work with the unworkable. She tried her hardest to get pictures. I am crossing my fingers that we got one. All I need is one. That shouldn’t be hard you say? I would think so too, but a modeling agency would probably pay us to take Ellaina and Braden off their shot. That is how great they are at pictures :)

After brunch, I took them down the road to try to get a few of them two together. I tried everything. I think I might have g otten at least one of them looking together and semi-smiling. Maybe I can finally send my mom the picture she has been asking for...Ellaina and Braden together, looking at the camera and smiling. We’ll see

Until then, here is a picture of my big girl with her rollers in :)