Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Smiley!

Could not be cuter!! IMG_3129 IMG_3125IMG_3126

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011!

Christmas Day (47) This was one of the most relaxing Christmases we have had in a long time! We spent Christmas day at our house nice and cozy by the fire…while Braden and Ellaina spent most there time playing on Ellaina’s new bed. They had so  much fun! For once, we had to get them for lunch and dinner. Our little Ellaina is always hungry and never forgets a meal, or a snack :) They were so busy playing with all their new toys, on Ellaina’s bed, that they forgot to be hungry.

Graham had his cute little Santa outfit aunt Toni sent him. He looked so adorable. Braden called him Santa Graham, and it stuck. Santa Graham had a good Christmas too. He loves to cuddle and with all the relaxing, he was held almost all day.

All in all, this was a very successful Christmas. The kids were so happy and had such a fun time opening presents. Brad ended up taking second place in his fantasy championship, which was a disappointment to him. I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of Christmas and Fantasy football championship finals being the same weekend. It was a relaxing time, but did seem to take a little magic away from the holiday when Brad was eating his fingernails/fingers. The only thing I would have changed was being with my family. One of these Christmas’ I am going to be able to get my parents down here. Until then, we will have to be away every other year.Christmas Eve (7) Christmas Day (42)Christmas Day (43) Christmas Day (3)Christmas Day (7)Christmas Day (9)Christmas Day (11)Christmas Day (13)Christmas Day (20)Christmas Day (26)Christmas Day (30)Christmas Day (32)Christmas Day (33)Christmas Day (37)Christmas Day (40)Christmas Day (48)Christmas Day (59) Christmas Day (50)Christmas Day (55)Christmas Day (56)Christmas Day (57)Christmas Day (66)Christmas Day (67)Christmas Day (68)Christmas Day (71)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Couldn’t Have Said it Better…

We received a thank you card from Braden’s teacher Sandy and I LOVED what she wrote. I couldn’t have said it better myself. She wrote that she loves how he makes her heart smile. It was a great description of the how I feel everyday :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two Months Old Already

IMG_2998 This has been such a crazy last two months, that I feel I didn’t even get to enjoy Graham’s baby stage. With Brad’s Christmas light installation and this being my busiest time of year, it feels like we have been in survival mode. I didn't take nearly as many sessions as I usually do (actually less than a quarter), but it was overwhelming just the same. It has been a fun last week getting more family time and truly being able to enjoy Graham.

When my phone calendar notified me of his upcoming two month check up, I was in shock. How can it go by so fast? I was hoping to slow down and enjoy it more, but yet here he is two months old. I will just have to remember this feeling and really make sure I take in the upcoming hours, days, weeks, months and years. These moments are priceless. Our kids are so incredible! Everyday they seem to amaze me with what they have learned or how they love. There hearts are so pure and they are amazing. God has blessed us more then we could have ever dreamed possible.

As for Graham’s doctors appointment. It went very well! We saw a new doctor and I thought she was great. We knew he was a big guy, but I was shocked when I saw his weight. Our little guys weighs 14 pounds and 4 ounces. No wonder the size one diapers aren’t keeping it all in anymore. He officially weighs to much for them. He is also quite long, measuring 24 and a quarter inches. I think he is going to be our biggest yet, being in the 95+ percentile. He is starting the get the rubber binder wrists that I love. I am also finding it harder the keep the creases under his chins clean. The rolls are taking over :) and they make his smile that much more magical. Now if I can only get him to sleep a little longer at night, it would be perfect :) IMG_2738IMG_2947IMG_2948

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smile Maker!

IMG_2576 Graham gave Ellaina his very first big smile on Saturday morning. She was so excite! I was so excited I had the camera on me and captured it. Ellaina was talking and playing with him and he gave her this huge smile. It was perfect!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Should’ve Had His Back…

Today was not my finest day as a mom. I really let down my little guy and felt terrible when I saw the disappointment on his face. I didn’t have his back, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized he really didn’t do it. I should have had his back, and he was so hurt I didn’t believe him.

It all started this morning when we meet Cathy, Kim and the kids at McDonalds play land. The kids were busy playing when Ellaina (my resent tattler) came down to tell me that Braden was showing his bottom (aka butt). Ellaina has a tendency to exaggerate, so I called Braden down from the play land to talk to him. As soon as I saw him, I knew Ellaina was telling the truth. See Braden hasn’t quite mastered pulling his pants up yet. Most of the time, after his first bathroom break, he runs around the house without pants or on completely crooked (if they were loose enough for him to pull up). When he came down the slide, his pants were crooked. We talked about it so he knew it was not appropriate, and we would leave if he did it again.

A little while later, Braden came to get a drink and spilt it all over himself. I had some of Gavin’s too small cloths in my car, so I put him in a dry pair of pants. They were 3T’s, so they were quite snug on him and high on his legs. It didn’t bother him, so he went running up and continued to play. A short time later Ellaina came running down saying Braden peed in the play house. Even worse, he pulled down his pants and peed. I didn’t believe her right away because Braden doesn’t even pee outside. When he was first potty training, I tried to get him to pee near a fence and he cried. I didn’t know what to think though, because he also hasn’t ever mooned anyone and he did that today already.

I called him down and saw that his pants were dry…and on perfectly straight. He said he didn’t do it and I believed him. Like I said his pants were on straight and there was no way he could have done that himself. Than another lady chimed in about his shirt being wet. I explained that he had spilt earlier (hence why his chest is wet too), and that he would not have been able to get his pants back on if he did. Then the lady said my son said he did it too. By now, I was thinking maybe he could have. I had Ellaina show me where the pee was. When I got up there I saw a wet puddle in the middle of the play house. I went down to grab some napkins and Cathy informed me she asked Wolfie and he too said Braden did it. I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. Braden was screaming and everyone was looking at us. I grabbed a couple napkins and went back up to mark where it was for the employee to clean it up. When I came back down, Kim helped me get the kids and the car and told me Braden said it was an accident. I was so confused. However, I wanted to figure it out before I punished him for something he may not have done.

Braden kept saying he didn’t do it and I couldn’t help but believe him. He doesn’t really lie and the few times he had, he folded immediately. He looked so sincere and crushed that I didn’t take his side. I really wanted to know before I sent him to his room for punishment. I spoke with Ellaina more about it. It turned out she didn’t see it, she heard someone say he did and came running down to get him in trouble. With that said, I really started putting things together. The fact that his 4t pants were crooked after pulling down the back, but his 3t pants were on perfectly after pulling them down. Not to mention, I don’t know any toddle boy who would be able to pee in a perfect little puddle. Especially in the middle of a plastic play house floor. There would have been splatter and spray. Not two perfect little puddles together. That got me thinking maybe he did have an accident, like he told Kim, and it ran straight down his leg. That would explain the puddle, since it looked more like a spill. It would also explain why it only took two folded napkins to cover the small amount.

Once we got home and I pulled down his pants to check his underwear. They were completely dry. With that, I knew he didn’t pee up in the playhouse. Unfortunately, his underwear are never totally dry after he pees. Not to mention, he could not pull his pants back up. I walked away to the kitchen to watch what he would do. He tried to pull them up. After a couple tries, he pulled them off and left them on the floor. Mystery sort of solved…at least his part. I knew without a doubt he didn’t do it. I also knew I owed him a big apology for not believing him. I guess with all the commotion, crowd hysteria and screaming Braden. It was easier for me to believe it than to really think it over and weigh the facts. In the end, I had really hurt my little guys feelings. I am just grateful I didn’t loose my cool and spank him. That would have really been a hard thing to apologize for. Braden is very sensitive. When you give him a spanking, it hurts his feelings more than his bottom. I am sure this is not the last time I will have to publically question the truthfulness of my kid(s). Hopefully next time level heads will prevail and I will do my research before taking a side. Hopefully this blog post will help me remember…next time :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Belly Zurburts

A naked Graham and a silly Daddy started a belly blowing war that ended with lots of laughs :)  Brad started the laughter by a simple blow on Graham’s belly. That one little act began a belly laughing good time. I had to get the camera to capture all the FUN!Belly Zurburts - Nov 2011 (1)Belly Zurburts - Nov 2011 (4)Belly Zurburts - Nov 2011 (5)Belly Zurburts - Nov 2011 (6)Belly Zurburts - Nov 2011 (8)Belly Zurburts - Nov 2011 (9)Belly Zurburts - Nov 2011 (10)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Month Old…Already

Our sweet baby boy is one month old already. Wow, I cant believe how fast this month has gone by. He is growing so quickly. At his two week check up he was an even 9 pounds (55%) and 22 and a quarter inches long (92%).

I have been trying to enjoy every moment, just in case Graham is our last baby, but I find my sleep deprivation making it a little hard :)  Graham is still only giving me short periods of sleep between night feedings. With the other two kiddos, and Brad in prime Christmas light installation season, it is safe to say I am running on fumes. It is safe to say both Brad and I are running on fumes. Only two more weekends and we will have our family time back :)

Ellaina and Braden are still LOVING Graham. So much so that he gets awaken by kisses almost every time he is sleeping. They both like to be my little helper. Getting things for me and trying to calm Graham when I am not near. Ellaina’s car seat is right next to Graham’s, so she looks after him so nurturing. It is interesting how second nature it is to her. She does it all on her own without me asking her. My little Ellaina must be quite the observer to know what to do so well. Braden can’t walk by Graham without a long “Ooooooh Baby Graham”. Followed by a hug, kiss or hug and kiss. They are both better with him than I ever expected. It melts my heart and brings me such joy. We are so blessed!

Some October pictures from of Baby Graham and the kids (including Graham’s first bath, Braden giving Graham a bottle for the first time and Ellaina reading to Graham.)Graham's 1st Bath - Oct 2011  (2)Braden giving Graham bottle - Oct 2011 (1)Braden giving Graham bottle - Oct 2011 (4)IMG_1266Baby Graham - Nov 2011 (6) Graham's Visitors Oct 2011 (2)Graham's Visitors Oct 2011 (1)Graham's Visitors Oct 2011 (11)Gaming Partners - Nov 2011 (1)Loving on Graham - Nov 2011 (7)Loving on Graham - Nov 2011 (4)Loving on Graham - Nov 2011 (2) Grandma Visiting - Oct 2011 (6)Grandma Visiting - Oct 2011 (7)Grandma Visiting - Oct 2011 (8)IMG_1255photo Baby Graham - Nov 2011 (3)Baby Graham - Nov 2011 (4)D B Chili Cookoff - Nov 2011 (2)D B Chili Cookoff - Nov 2011 (5)Lunch with Allie - Nov 2011 (3)Lunch with Allie - Nov 2011 (2)Baby Graham - Nov 2011 (1)