Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pee Pee in the Potty!

Braden went pee pee in his new frog potty this afternoon! I am so excited :) He is a smart little guy, so I have been puzzled trying to figure out why he isn’t the least bit potty trained yet. On Saturday, I realized it was probably a combination of not having the right potty and mommy not really trying. So with that realization, we went and picked up a new frog potty. I worked up the energy to start this possibly long process today and was so elated to see results already.

I think his success today is mostly thanks to the frog potty. It is so cool and way more comfortable than the regular toilet.  He actually stopped midstream and ran to the frog.  All of a sudden he was doing it. Our little guy was going potty and we could not have been more happy.  I hopped out of my seat and started jumping up and down, but then stopped, realizing I should probably wait until he was done. It could have been a little messy had he joined in my happy dance before he was done. After, we all gave him high fives and celebrated together. Praying for success tomorrow too :)

Big Lots Fiasco

Yesterday we swung by Big Lots to pick up a frog potty for Braden. The trip was actually quite smooth and the kids were good enough for me to check out a few more isles. Apparently I pushed my luck and went down one too many. While we were checking out, all hell broke loose. Ellaina decided to stand on the bottom of the shopping cart while Braden was sitting in the big part. As I let go, to pay, the entire cart and Braden tipped over onto Ellaina. It was terrible. She was pinned under, scared and crying. I helped her up and just hugged on her for a minute in line. She was still crying when we left the store, but was able to walk without any trouble. Her poor little legs were all bruised this morning. It is so sad :(   Needless to say, I am quite certain I lost my nomination for 2011 Mother of the Year…already ;-)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Hairy Little Guy!

Braden looked like a little hairy monster the other day when I gave him a hair cut. He was overdue for one, so there was hair everywhere on him.Hairy Man Feb

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day Delight!

We had such a great Valentines day here at the Jackson household! A couple weeks ago Ellaina asked if she could have a Valentines day party. Actually she said "Could I please have a valentines day party with all my friends? We can listen to music, dance, make cookies and hug." It was such a sweet proposal, I didn't know how to say no :)

Brad and I had talked about it and both thought it would be a great idea...if we could get the main level painted enough to put up the gates back on the staircase. Thankfully the weather decided the party was also a great idea and gave us one more snow day. This time we were prepared with all the painting supplies we needed. Braden was under the weather, so the kids were happy to stay in our bedroom watching movies. They were incredible and allowed us to paint the entire main level. So with the living room painted the party planning began!

We had a lot of friends coming and planned some fun activities to make the day special for everyone. In all, there were seventeen kids at the party & everyone seemed to have had a great time. That is everyone except Braden. The poor little guy was still getting over being sick (and the start of  double ear infections). Earlier that day, he had fallen asleep at school. Unfortunately it was only about 20 minutes before I picked him up. He was a tired little guy and made sure EVERYONE at the party knew it. I guess that's bound to happen at a 3:00 party.

The kids made fruit loop necklaces, decorated cookies (ate a lot of sprinkles), played with balloons, and ran around the backyard. We couldn't have asked for a better time! Ellaina thought it was perfect and just what she had wanted. Daddy came home with flowers and special treats. We ended Valentines day with a family dinner and laughs. It was PERFECT!! Valentines Day fun 2011 (7) Valentines Day fun 2011 (8) Valentines Day fun 2011 (1) Valentines Day fun 2011 (2) Valentines Day fun 2011 (3)Valentines Day fun 2011 (5)Valentines Day fun 2011 (4)Valentines Day fun 2011 (6)Valentines Day fun 2011 (9)Valentines Day fun 2011 (10)Valentines Day fun 2011 (11)Valentines Day fun 2011 (18)Valentines Day fun 2011 (12)Valentines Day fun 2011 (13)I know it’s blurry, but I loved Braden’s smile!Valentines Day fun 2011 (14)Valentines Day fun 2011 (15)Valentines Day fun 2011 (16)Valentines Day fun 2011 (17)

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Braid Man"

From time to time Brad and I will refer to Braden as Braid Man. I don't know how the nickname came about, but apparently Ellaina likes it and is looking to make it permanent. For about two weeks now Ellaina has been calling Braden strictly "Braid man". She even went as far as to correct someone and explain that his name is Braid Man. He doesn't seem to care either way and it is so adorable hearing her say it.

Midnight Potty Breaks!

Every night, Brad or I bring Ellaina to the bathroom before we head to bed. She is such a deep sleeper, so we are struggling with the staying dry thing at night. Anyway, she is so cute at this time. She is like a zombie being lead to the toilet. She usually wakes a little more, once she is on there though. That is when she starts her sleepy talk. Usually it is something about how tired she is, but today she pulled out some cute advice. I was bending over to help her pull up her bottoms when something fell out of my pocket. All of a sudden I heard Ellaina say "Shhhh Mommy, Daddy is sleeping and we don't want to wake him up. That would make him so sad." The concern in her voice was so genuine, I had to smile!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day…Week!

We have had a crazy amount of snow fall for Texas this week. Luckily the kids were equipped with snow gear from our recent trip to MN. After bundling the kids up, we went to borrow our neighbor sled and headed to the backyard. It was such a wonderful time! The kids really enjoyed sledding, and the snow was just the right amount.

Our sledding fun came to an end when I had to fall on the sled/kids to stop them from going any closer to the creek. One of us would stand at the top and push the kids, while the other stood at the bottom to make sure they didn’t get too far. Apparently Brad is a little stronger than I :)  He pushed them off and they were not stopping. The kids thought it was fun, but it sure gave me a good scare. IMG_9034IMG_9036IMG_9038IMG_9044IMG_9049IMG_9053IMG_9055IMG_9056IMG_9062IMG_9070IMG_9072IMG_9078IMG_9081IMG_9084IMG_9088IMG_9089IMG_9093IMG_9095IMG_9104IMG_9113IMG_9119IMG_9121IMG_9124