Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy & Nice Memorial Day Weekend!

What a great memorial weekend! We started our weekend with a much needed date night. It was such a wonderful night…for us and the kids. Our friends Sharla and Roy took the kids and they had a blast. When we went to get them, about 11:30pm, they were still awake. Looked exhausted but still awake. The kids LOVE going to “Sharla’s House”! At least once a week, Braden asks if we can go see Sharla. It is really cute :)

We spent most of the day playing outside and helping Brad with the front landscape. He completed it on Sunday and it looks perfect. Better then I even imagined it would. Brad worked so hard and it shows. The kids, Gavin and I headed inside to take a little nap after Kim and Kevin dropped Gavin off on Sunday. I knew the kids would be up late enjoying their slumber party. After naps we had dinner and headed to the park to play at the splash pad. The kids had a great time running around getting wet. It didn't take long though before they were asking to go to the ice cream restaurant. After ice cream it was time for bed. Brad moved Ellaina’s bed into Braden’s room so they could all sleep together. The kids were actually pretty good. They didn’t fall asleep until around 10:00, but at least they all stayed in their beds.

In the morning, we ate and played around until heading to the pool for some swimming. I really wanted to take the kids to Kung fu Panda 2, but we were hesitant since they were up so late. We had mentioned it to the kids, so it was decided. The movie was a nice way to end a nice family weekend (except for Braden’s movie theatre accident).

Friday, May 27, 2011

Eskimo Kisses

This is Ellaina’s new thing and it is sooooo cute! She will randomly come up to us and say Eskimo kisses. Then when she is done, she usually says “and a normal kiss!”. We end it giggling and giving each other a kiss. She does it with Daddy too! I just LOVE it and LOVE her fun personality so much. She is my silly and sweet girl :)IMG_1610 retouched

Night Owl

Braden is our night owl…and morning bird. I don’t know how it is possible to have a kid that is both, but we do. He also isn’t good about taking naps very often. Although he needs them. The busy little guy just doesn’t want to stay in bed. Sometimes I will get him out of his room, after about an hour, and rock him on the glider. It has actually become one of my favorite things. He is completely out within five minutes and I love the cuddle time!

Last night, I heard him open his door a couple times. Usually we will just hear him playing around, jump off his bed and things like that. I knew he was going to have a harder time falling asleep tonight. I had to wash his blankie right before bed and it wasn’t ready on time. Finally around 10:00pm I brought him his blankie. As soon as I opened the door he started talking. Apparently our cat Jinx made his way into his room and was laying with his head on Braden’s chest. It was so incredibly sweet. Braden said “Jinx is in here cuddling”. He might not be a good roommate for other kids (because he keeps them awake) but Jinx and him could bunk together anytime :)

Finally Feeling Well

It has taken a while longer then with the other two, but I am finally feeling well again. After figuring out how to handle a wheat & grain intolerance, I started feeling better. Over the last two weeks, the morning sickness has completely gone away and I feel like I have a new lease on life. The other day I was dying to have piece of pizza, so I gave into my cravings when Brad got home. That way he was here, to help with the kids, if I was folded over in pain again. Other then that, if I am careful about what I eat, it has been smooth sailing :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Only one more week until we have our ultrasound :)  I can’t wait because Brad will get to come! Also, we are going to be bringing our little momma (Ellaina) with us!

Ellaina is so excited about this baby. She keeps talking about the baby and giving my belly kisses. If that wasn’t cute enough, she also likes to “tickle the baby”. Yesterday, I asked her if she wanted to come and see the baby in mommy’s belly. She got really excited about it! This made me even more excited for the date to come :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Best Visit!

Sea World (2) My Parent’s came into town for a week and it was such a wonderful week! The kids are getting to a great age to try Sea World again, so we ended up planning a weekend vacation to San Antonio. It was the perfect mini vacation with Grandma & Papa!

We spent Friday at Sea World, and it was fantastic. Brad took the kids on their very first rollercoaster. They both really enjoyed it, but Ellaina was her giggly self. You could hear her giggling the entire two times the ride went around. She was smiling ear to ear as she asked to ride it again. Braden rode it a couple more times too. They also rode the merry go round, but it was the roller coaster they kept wanting to ride again.

The shows at Sea World were all very entertaining for the kids. The Shamu show had an adorable baby Shamu. She followed her mom all around the tank and tried to do tricks with her. Ellaina really liked the baby whale. She would get so excited every time it would come out. Braden liked getting to feed the sea lions and dolphins, but he especially liked the splash pad area. I think he could have stayed in the water all day.

After the park closed we went and checked into our hotel room on the River walk. My mom, Ellaina and I took a stroll around the River walk the first night. Ellaina was such a good girl walking hand in hand with my mom or I. You could tell she felt like such a big girl. There was a lot of music and people. It really was the first time Ellaina was old enough to take it all in. We stopped off at a chocolate store to pick up a snack on the way back to the hotel.

The rest of the weekend vacation we spent sight seeing and splashing at the hotel pool. It was such an amazing mini-vacation to share with my parents. We all adore them so much. You can’t beat memories like these :) Like always, their week stay came to an end too quickly. It was hard dropping them off at the airport to go back to Minnesota. After six years, you would think I could do it without tears. That wasn’t the case again. At least this time Ellaina didn’t cry. The next few mornings Braden kept asking where Grandma & Papa were. Ellaina kept wanting to pack for our trip to their house…which is still not for some time. Hopefully time will go fast and we will be there before we know it! Sea World (1)Sea World (6)Sea World (7)Sea World (8) Love this smile!Sea World (3)Sea World (4)Sea World (5)Sea World (9)Sea World (10)Sea World (11)Sea World (12)Sea World (13)Sea World (14)Sea World (15)Sea World (16)Sea World (17)Sea World (18)Sea World (19)Sea World (20)Sea World (21)Sea World (22)Sea World (23)Sea World (24)Sea World (25)Sea World (26)Sea World (27)Sea World (28)Sea World (29)Hotel (1)Hotel (2)Hotel (3)Hotel (4)Hotel (5)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Allergy?

In my old age, I keep developing allergies or intolerances to things. Actually it comes about while I am pregnant, but doesn’t seem to leave once the baby is born. Apparently this pregnancy is going to be the same way.

I have been soooo terribly sick. To the point where I cannot even function by the end of the day. I have dealt with morning sickness through all my pregnancies, but this has been extreme and extremely difficult. (Much like with Braden when I found out after 38 weeks of sickness that I had a dairy intolerance.) Finally one day I realized the sickness seems to be intensified by food. I started thinking back to what I had eaten when I felt the worse and did some research. My initial thought was a Gluten allergy/intolerance, but after researching it a little more, I believe it may be a wheat allergy/intolerance.

It has been three days now of cutting out most wheat and it has made a big difference. I am still learning what exactly has wheat in it, but have been happy with the improvement thus far. I am still not always feeling the best, but the severity of my sickness has lessened. Tomorrow I go to see an allergist, so we will see if my suspicions are correct. All I know is that not eating wheat is helping, so I will continue to shy away from wheat products.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ellaina Loses Her First Tooth

It has been loose for a couple weeks now, but today Ellaina lost her first tooth…at school of all places! 

Their school was having their annual Muffins with Moms parties. Which as a side note, was so special and sweet this year. The kids were so loving and the teachers did a phenomenal job making it exceptional. Ellaina and I were sitting together while she was playing with her tooth. I noticed she was able to completely bend it until you could see the bottom. I suggested we may be able to pull it out without it hurting one bit. With her blessings, I gave it a little tug and out it came. The tiniest tooth I had ever seen. She was so excited running up to both teachers showing them. It was such a big moment and I am so thankful I was able to be there for it.  Just more proof that she is growing up too quickly. IMG_9859IMG_9861IMG_9864IMG_9865IMG_9868 IMG_9852

“There’s My Girl”

This is what my sweet little guy has been saying while throwing his arms around me. It started sometime last week and it is so cute! Apparently he has been listen to Daddy. Daddy often refers to Ellaina and I as “My Girls”. It is so funny what kids pick up on. This is one I am glad he has picked up on :)