Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Baby is Three Today…

Braden Opening Presents (3) Wow, I cannot believe it. Our baby is three, where does the time go? The past year has been so much fun with Braden and Ellaina and today was no exception.

Braden and Ellaina woke up to a room full of balloons. This was the first time Brad got to be a part of birthday morning balloons. We heard the kids wake this morning and opened their door to find them playing in all the balloons. After the balloon fun, we headed downstairs to let Braden open his present from us. Daddy put his Geotrax present together while we ate breakfast. We ended up playing around all morning and then took a nap before getting ready for his birthday party.

After grabbing a bit for dinner, we headed over to Emler Swim School for Braden’s birthday party. It was such a wonderful time! There was a small turn out, but with everyone swimming, it could not have been more perfect. The pool had a small slide that all the kids…and some adults really got a kick out of. Braden went down once by himself and then wouldn’t go again without Brad or I. Ellaina, Gavin and Stella were having a blast sliding by themselves. It seemed like everyone was having a great time!

Once we were all done swimming, we headed into the main room for some cake and ice cream. With the temperature outside in the 100’s, it was no wonder the cake didn’t survive the drive. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the cake before we left. I was very proud of my “Jolly Rodger” cake (as Braden called it). Braden has become a big fan of Disney’s Jack and the Neverland Pirates. He is all about Captain Hooks boat, the Jolly Rodger. When he said he wanted a Jolly Rodger cake, I was determined to make it. Prior to the car ride, it was better then I could have imagined. The car ride made it more of a ship wreaked Jolly Rodger :) Either way it was yummy and Braden was happy with it.

The night ended with us Skyping Grandma and Papa while Braden opened his presents. It was a perfect way to end a wonderful third birthday and a great weekend! Happy Third Birthday Braden! We LOVE you so much!Braden's Birthday Morning (16)Braden's Birthday Morning (14)Braden's Birthday Morning (21)Braden's Birthday Morning (23)Braden's Birthday Morning (28)Braden's Birthday Morning (31)Braden's Birthday Morning (34)Braden's Birthday Party! (38)Braden's Birthday Party! (27) Braden's Birthday Party! (33)Braden's Birthday Party! (45)Braden's Birthday Party! (48)Braden's Birthday Party! (18)Braden's Birthday Party! (19) Braden's Birthday Party! (37)Braden's Birthday Party! (59)Braden's Birthday Party! (64)Braden's Birthday Party! (67)Braden's Birthday Party! (73)Braden's Birthday Party! (75)Braden's Birthday Party! (76)Braden's Birthday Party! (98)Braden Opening Presents (2)

Saturday, June 25, 2011


IMG_0104Ellaina and Braden are so cute together and play like best friends. Sure they have their moments, but thankfully they are short lived and not very frequent. While Uncle Jason was in town, they slept together in Ellaina’s room. Even after he left, they begged to still sleep in the same room. Brad and I decided to try to make this more of a permanent thing. We moved Ellaina’s bed onto Braden’s and turned them into bunk beds.

Yesterday was night number two of bunk beds and it went better than the first night. Braden is our night owl and stays up late playing in his room. Ellaina on the other hand, usually is asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed. With the two of them together, Braden has been rubbing off on Ellaina. The first night they were up until 10:00, but last night was better. They are really enjoying it, so hopefully it will continue to work out. As of now, Ellaina’s room has become a play room. We are going to keep the decor and paint the same in both room for now. This may be the solution we need though to have a room for the baby :) I am going to keep my fingers crossed!   IMG_0001IMG_0183IMG_0187

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father’s Day!

We had such a great Father’s day! My brother was still in town, so it was extra special to celebrate with him. They wrapped up the floors around 10:30ish and had a pancake brunch waiting for them. After pancakes we all got our swimsuits on and headed over to my neighbors house to take a dip in their pool. I was dog/house sitting, which comes with pool privileges. A major bonus during the summer months :)

It was the rest and relaxation much needed after such a crazy weekend. After swimming, we had an early steak dinner before dropping Jason off at the airport. It was sad to see him go. Ellaina was really missing her Uncle Jason… so was/is mommy. Thank goodness our trip to Minnesota is coming up, because I am quite homesick right now.IMG_0190IMG_0195IMG_0196IMG_0197IMG_0202IMG_0209IMG_0226IMG_0237IMG_0242IMG_0230IMG_0204IMG_0250

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All the Hard Work Paid Off!

That basically sums this post up. It was an exhausting week preparing the floors for my brother’s arrival, but it was well worth it. Jason, Brad and even my pregnant self worked really hard this weekend to get the floors done. With just a few walls needing baseboards and the kitchen needing quarter round still, I would say a job very well done! They turned out beautiful! Here are some pictures, and a few of the landscaping Brad did last month. It has been a busy month of remodels and I am so glad this was our last project.IMG_0189IMG_0091IMG_0095IMG_0097IMG_0098IMG_0100IMG_0102

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What a Weekend...

This has been the busiest, most hard working weekend we have possibly ever had. With that said, it has also been the most rewarding and fun. My brother got in Friday to help us install new flooring throughout our main level...he is a bit of a pro :)  It was a lot of work in a short amount of time, but with my brother here it was a great time! We wrapped everything up by eleven today, so we got to enjoy some swimming and father's day celebrations. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Right now, I am going to crash.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot Summer Weather is Here!

The hot summer weather is here and we are already running out of things to do throughout the day to keep cool. The other evening, we ran the sprinklers and let the kids play in them. They had a lot of fun! Ellaina is my little tomboy. She has no problem getting dirty, picking up bugs and all that kind of stuff. Braden, on the other hand, didn’t like getting too many grass clippings on his feet while playing in the sprinkler. He stayed a little closer to the swing set fort and patio. Poor little guy went zipping down the slide, not realizing how slippery it was. He cut up his back pretty bad. Being the little nurturer Ellaina is, she went running over to comfort him. She is such a little sweetie pie, and they are just so adorable together :)IMG_0062IMG_0047IMG_0057IMG_0046IMG_0060IMG_0050      Here is a picture Brad took of pregnant mama :)IMG_0066