Sunday, September 18, 2011

Glider Moment

Although there isn’t really any room left on my lap for the kids, they still like to try to squeeze on. The other day Ellaina came and sat on my lap while I was on the glider. The baby was being very active and kept bumping her. She thought it was so funny and meant the baby really liked her! It was so adorable! Even more adorable was her giggling the entire time. She and Braden both have the best laughs. There little giggles always put a smile on my face :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

“I’m Bopping the Baby”

Braden loves to drum on my belly. He calls it “bopping the baby” and it is pretty cute! Both him and Ellaina have been enjoying touching my belly. They see daddy doing it all the time, so it seems like second nature. Brad loves rubbing my belly and holding his hand on it at night. The baby seems to like his hand on my belly too. At night, the baby usually pushes on my belly under Brad’s hand. It has been really fun with all the moving baby Jackson does.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Staycation

We decided to enjoy a day and night in Carrolton, where Brad grew up. We got a hotel with a pool, so we could get some swimming in.  We were hoping to go visit some friends in Houston, but my eight month pregnant self can no longer sit for that long. This seemed like a nice way to make Labor Day special, and it was. We all had such a wonderful time!Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (5)Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (6)Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (7)Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (9)Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (11)Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (13)Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (15)Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (16)Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (17)Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (19)Labor Day trip to Carrollton - Sept 2011  (18)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Braden’s Three Year Old Portraits…

Braden (54) better late than never :) After a groin injury (while shooting portraits in Minnesota), I have been a kind of benched when it comes to taking pictures. I knew I needed to get Braden’s three year old pictures done, so I decided to give it a try on Wednesday. Ellaina had her first day of school, so it was just a Braden and Mommy day anyway. After giving hugs and kisses to Ellaina, Braden and I headed to the railroad tracks in downtown McKinney. He was quite playful and had so much fun on walking on the tracks. On our way home, we stopped by a brick wall I really liked and took a few more close up shots. He looks so grownup and handsome. My little Brad-man is looking more and more like Daddy :)Braden (1) ehnacedBraden (4)Braden (7)Braden (9)Braden (11)Braden (23) enhancedBraden (26)Braden (16)Braden (36)Braden (44)Braden (48)Braden (67) enhancedBraden (64)Braden (61)Braden (62)Braden (58) enhanced 2Braden (57)Braden (63)

Braden’s First Day of School!

Braden's 1st day of school  Today was Braden’s first day of school at Cottonwood Creek Kid Care. He will be going just two days a week again this year. I was a little nervous about how drop off was going to go, since he can be a little bit of a Mama’s boy. He also didn’t get to meet his teachers on Tuesday night, since he fell asleep in the car. Brad carried him in with the hopes he would wake up from all the commotion, but he stayed asleep the entire time. However, to my surprise, drop off went really smoothly. Since this was Ellaina’s second day, we dropped her off first. She set a great example for Braden as she ran and hugged both teachers. Once we got to Braden’s class he was hiding behind me, but slowly warmed up. His seat was the first one, so he sat down and started playing. He ran over to give me a hug, kiss and “bye Mommy”. It was perfect! The teachers said he was such a good little boy and had a great time! Two for two…WOW. IMG_2200

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ellaina’s First Day of Pre-K!

Ellaina's 1st day of schoolEllaina had her first day of Pre-K at Cottonwood Creek Kid Care today. She is going four days a week this year. Today was perfect, she went running to hug Ms. Paula as soon as she entered the room. As I was leaving she ran over to give me a hug and kiss. Couldn't have asked for a better drop off :)  Ms. Paula said she was great and had a good day! She was quite warn out, but so excited about school again tomorrow. I can’t believe how grown up she is getting. My precious little princess!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Maternity Portraits!

DSC_9926 cocaMy good friend and talented photographer Wendolin took some maternity portraits of the kids and I. She did such an awesome job capturing the kids and their personalities! There are so many I love. I can’t narrow it down any further :)  The only disappointing thing is Brad not being able to be there too.DSC_9716 enhancedDSC_9737bwDSC_9740 BWDSC_9742DSC_9744 bwDSC_9746DSC_9769 BwDSC_9775DSC_9780DSC_9789DSC_9790 BWDSC_9807DSC_9682 DSC_9829DSC_9846DSC_9874 ehancedDSC_9886_2DSC_9893DSC_9920 enhanced