Sunday, October 30, 2011

Things the Kids Have Said…

“Where are baby Graham’s spots?” Ellaina asking about his freckles.
“Eww is that Graham’s belly button”
“His name is Graham, like a graham cracker.”
“Graham is the best baby from Jesus”
“This is my brother Graham!” What Braden has been saying to everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, when we walk to their classes at school.
“Can baby Graham sleep with me tonight”
After Braden responded to Brad asking him what he wanted to eat he looked at Graham and asked “What would you like to eat baby?”
“You gotta say Shh shh shh” (when he was crying)
Yells…”Graham eats from Mommy’s BOOBIES”
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bedtime Songs

We sing songs before bed each night. The kids each get three with a bonus “exit song”. The exit song is always the same for Braden (Row Row Row your boat) and Ellaina picks between Silent Night or Sunshine. Ellaina has been adamant about Graham getting his bed time songs too. If we lay him downstairs before bringing them to bed, she wants to sing to him. It is very precious. She has such a sweet little voice. The other night Braden joined in the singing too. After they sang her songs, they both insisted on Graham getting an exit song. That’s when they both started singing Silent Night to him. I can only imagine what it must be like for his little ears to hear those soft sweet voices singing.

Last night, Graham was awake at bed time, so he headed upstairs with us to put Braden and Ellaina to bed. Ellaina asked if he could lay with her while we sing her songs. She was so happy, and he seemed quite comfy. He even falling asleep :) IMG_1259IMG_1270IMG_1272

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Morning to Remember!

The other morning, was one for the memory books. I had just finished feeding Graham, and he was having a difficult time getting comfortable. I laid him on my chest and was rubbing his back. We had just fallen asleep when I felt Braden climb into bed. It was pretty early (earlier than usual), so he laid his head on my shoulder and put his arm around Graham. He was so sweet and even began rubbing Graham’s back. It was one of those moments you just want to last forever.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

So Sweet…

This morning, our new family of five were all cuddling in bed before starting the day. The kids were both struggling to sit next to Graham and were asking a lot of questions. Ellaina asked “Where are baby Graham’s spots”. I realized she was talking about his freckles and started to giggle. A little while later she said “Graham is the best baby ever and Jesus gave him to us.” It was the sweetest thing!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Family of Five!

IMG_1216 The kids came up to the hospital today to meet Graham! Our dear friend Sharla brought them up and had let them both pick out a gift for him. It was better than I could have ever imagined. The kids were over the moon when they saw him and both climbed on the bed to get a better look. Ellaina instantly asked to hold him and was gleaming ear to ear with him in her arms. Sharla hadn’t told them is was a boy yet, so Ellaina picked up on the blue hat right away. She told Braden he got his boy. Although, I don’t think she thought twice about him not being a girl.

Braden could not keep his lips off of Graham, just kissing all over him. They were both amazing with him and so prideful of their baby brother! We have truly been blessed!IMG_1184IMG_1189 IMG_1196IMG_1202IMG_1204IMG_1206It didn’t take Ellaina long to sniff out the chocolate cake :)IMG_1212Braden holding Graham while watching the Rangers play the Cardinals in World Serious Game 2IMG_1219IMG_1222IMG_1224IMG_1229IMG_1211IMG_1220IMG_1247IMG_1243

It’s a BOY!

IMG_1156 At 12:30pm our bundle of joy arrived. Weighing in at a healthy 8pounds, 13.4 ounces and 22inches tall. He has dark Jackson hair, and a lot of it…for one of our babies :) We choose the name Graham Allan Jackson. Allan after his Daddy and Grandpa Dave!

This delivery was by far the most amazing experience! We started Wednesday knowing I was going to hospital at 11:00pm to check-in and start the induction process at midnight. I get induced for a number of reasons, but mostly because we have big babies and Ellaina had a fractured clavicle. Unfortunately, after the pediatric doctor’s exam, it looks like Graham has a fractured clavicle also. Thankfully they usually heal on their own without any complications. Another reason for the weird induction time was so we could possibly have baby Jackson before Brad’s sisters left for Grandma Midge’s memorial in Minnesota.

Knowing the date made it a lot easier to make arrangements for the kiddos too. Kim was generous to take Braden Wednesday while Ellaina was at pre-k so I could get a little rest. Afterwards, the kids and I came home to pack our bags for an overnight slumber party or two :) We headed back over to the Daugherty’s for dinner, and to put the kids to sleep. Kim and I watched the Rangers’ World Serious game 1, while Brad went home to get a little rest. The game was a close one, so I don’t know how much rest Brad really got. Afterwards, I went home to try to sleep for a couple hours since our induction was delayed a little.

We headed to the Medical Center of Plano around 12:30am and checked into our Labor and Delivery room at 1:30am. From there it was just getting my IV in to start the Pitocin and try to get a little rest. The baby was sitting high (like his siblings did), so they wanted to wait a little while before breaking my water. Daddy was able to get some sleep, but the labor & delivery bed was not made for sleeping. The metal bar in my back made it very hard for me to get any rest. Dr. Fong came in about 8:00am and decided to break my water. From there things progressed much faster.

Going into this delivery, I REALLY wanted to have baby Jackson naturally. I spoke it over with Brad and told him I needed him to be on my side, especially when I was in a lot of pain. I know it is hard for Brad to see me hurting, so it was important for me to let him know how badly I wanted this. By the grace of God and the wonderful people around me, I was able to do it!

It was more amazing and intense than I could have ever imagined. I always wished I remembered more about Ellaina and Braden’s delivery, so I am going to write all about this one. The other two were great deliveries as well, but this one was something else.

Around 9:00 the contractions were starting to hurt. Brad went and got some playing cards from the gift shop to help take my mind off the pain. We only played about two hands of rummy before I needed to get up and move around a little more. Around 11:00 I was sitting at the end of the bed burying my head into Brad’s stomach every time a contraction would come. He was wearing a hooded sweater, so I would grab the sides of it and just pull it down while pushing my head into him. He was such a great support getting me through it. Around noon, I was giving into the intense contractions and asked to be checked. Dr. Fong had just arrived and said I was dilated to a nine. He gave me the option to wait another 30 minutes or start the delivery and push through it. By that time, I knew I couldn’t wait anymore.

They got everything ready, and by 12:15pm I was pushing. His instructions were three long pushes each lasting to the count of ten. The first two contracts I could only give two long pushes. I apologized and knew I had to do better. Dr. Fong softly told me my effort will decide how fast this happens. That was all I needed to hear. I asked for oxygen to help me with deep strong breaths and started pushing like instructed. The two nurses kept encouraging me with every push and in-between. Dr. Fong just kept instructing me on what to do and letting me know what was going on. They were all wonderful and exactly what I needed. I can’t get over the clarity of the entire delivery. I remember every little detail. Once the head was out, I just kept pushing. I knew I couldn’t stop and wait for the next contraction. The pressure and pain were more than I could handle waiting for. After five long pushes, baby Jackson was out. I looked down to see this huge baby boy. I had a feeling it was a boy, but for some reason was still surprised to see he was.

He was so quiet, not really crying at all. They placed him on my stomach and I was just in awe. He was amazing and had dark hair. I was still in disbelief that I had given birth to him. The pain was there, I knew I had given birth, but here was this precious little boy that had been rattling my ribs the last few weeks. As if this experience wasn’t perfect enough, Dr. Fong handed me the clippers and I was able to cut baby boy Jackson’s umbilical cord. It was everything I dreamt it could be. Brad had been sitting lovingly at the top of my head the entire delivery. He had been my silent support, but was gleaming with pride at the baby. We had a lot of angels watching over us, and they sure helped make it so special. They were all there in that delivery room giving us strength, including our newest angel Grandma J. The entire experience was extraordinary and this amazingly beautiful baby boy was born!IMG_1143IMG_1129IMG_1133IMG_1153IMG_1154IMG_1162IMG_1166IMG_1167

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Fun!

IMG_1124 Tonight Brad and I helped the kids carve pumpkins. It was such a GREAT time! The kids helped us draw the shapes that made up the pumpkin’s faces and then we cut it out. Braden had grand plans of a pirate pumpkin and we were able to make it happen! We had a tiny pumpkin, so decided to make a baby one for the baby. The pacifier was a funny addition. It was a fun night for all :)IMG_1108IMG_1111IMG_1114IMG_1119

Better than this?!?

When I was pregnant with Braden I remember worrying about having enough love for both Ellaina and the new baby. Once Braden was born, I realized I worried for no reason. I had more love than I could imagine and was filled with such joy and adoration for both my kids. This time around, the thought of not enough love has never crossed my mind…just pure bliss. I know this baby is going to have an abundance of love and this afternoon’s nap time just made me tear up knowing what the baby is in store for.

Ellaina and Braden are such close friends. Sure they have their moments, but 95% of the time they are laughing and playing so well together. With the busy days to come, I wanted to make sure both kids got a nap in today. The only way to do that is to lay with them. Being so pregnant and the fact I am getting induced at midnight tomorrow night, I had no problem catching a few zzzz myself.

Over the last few weeks, we have had to switch up our nap time sleeping arrangements. It is too hard for me to roll over without waking up Ellaina. It works better if I can be on the outside now. Ellaina, being my extreme cuddlier, wants to be in the middle. Braden on the other hand, is such a wiggler, that I have to hold on to him until he falls asleep. So by default he has to be in the middle. Ellaina is okay with that as long as she can hold my hand. So here we are, in a King size bed, Ellaina, Braden and I with pillows between all of us.

Today, I had my arm around Braden holding Ellaina’s hand. Braden usually holds my arm and my other hand. He wasn’t, so I looked up to see what he was doing and was almost brought to tears. Ellaina and Braden were holding hands. They are just so cute and it makes me extremely excited to bring another baby into the family!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Only a few more days!

IMG_1013 Less than a week until we get to meet baby Jackson!! We are all so excited to meet him or her! There is a little uncertainty as to exactly when baby Jackson will arrive and who will be able to be here for it. Sadly, our Grandma Jackson passed away.

Jackson (3)6.5x7 She went quietly while she was sleeping, which was such a blessing and exactly what she wanted. It is even harder though because we obviously can’t be there to say our goodbyes and celebrate the amazing life she lived. My grandma Antil passed away when I was too far along with Ellaina to attend her funeral too and it is something I still can’t wrap my brain around. Whenever I go to see my grandpa, I still expect her to come out of a room. It is hard for it to feel real when you don’t get to see someone off.

They are talking about Grandma’s memorial being this coming weekend. It will send most of our Texas family up to Minnesota, so there won’t be the family crowd we usually have. Thankfully we have some amazing extended family members here to love on the kids while we are in the hospital. Especially Sharla and Roy. The kids will be totally spoiled…and hugged to death :)

“Three more days!”

According to Ellaina’s chain, we have three more days until we meet the baby!! There has been a little confusion of the induction date and time with my doctors office, so I will know for sure tomorrow at my check-up…but the point of my story is how excited Ellaina is.

We have had a count down chain for Ellaina’s birthday and the baby’s birth date. I found it was the easiest way to keep track of both, since they are very close together and she kept asking numerous times a day :)  Every morning she comes down and takes a link of the chain. Then she counts and announces how many more days until she gets to meet the baby. They are both very excited! I don’t know if Braden knows quite what that means, but he too will soon enough.

The other day, they were arguing about what color the baby is going to be…blue or pink. Apparently a blue baby means boy and a pink baby means girl. Up until then, they have been pretty good about waiting to see. At the beginning, Ellaina would mention she wanted a sister. I kept telling her we would have to wait to see what God gives us, and so she started saying that too. This has been the first time Braden has chimed in, which is probably why it started the pink versus blue argument. It was funny the way they were saying it though. As if the baby was going to be the color pink or blue. Well hopefully in three more days we will know if this baby is “a pink baby or blue baby” :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Family through Ellaina’s Eyes

Ellaina drew a picture of our soon to be family. It is so cute and sweet to see how excited she is about the baby coming. Here is a picture of her drawing. PS we all have lollypops in our hands :)IMG_3627

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hugs and Kisses for Baby Jackson!

This baby isn’t even born yet, and getting so many many hugs and kisses. The kids LOVE running up and throwing their arms around my belly. My back has been hurting a lot, so I have been laying down in bed with a heating pad after dinner. The kids come in when it is closer to bed time and love on the baby. If I am not able to help Brad put them to bed, they come running in for their bedtime songs. Then before they leave the room, they both give me and the baby (my belly) big hugs and kisses. It is so sweet. Hopefully they will keep wanting to hug and kiss the baby once he/she is here :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Baby Girl is FIVE!

 IMG_0936 Today our baby girl Ellaina is five. It is so hard to believe how quickly that has flown by.  The last five years have been so magical watching her develop into the precious little girl she has become. She brings us such joy and pride. Her genuinely caring and loving personality makes her so special. She had a rough month this summer, but through it all my sweet hearted girl was still in there :)

Knowing the morning balloon birthday routine, Ellaina wanted to have Braden in her room for a slumber party. That way they could play with the balloons together in the morning. Since they would prefer to sleep in the same room, Braden was excited too! This morning, we heard them in there playing together before they came into wake us up. They sounded like they were having so much fun. I can’t wait to add another sweet child into the mix :)IMG_0938IMG_0944IMG_0948IMG_0950IMG_0952

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ellaina’s Birthday Pool Party!

Bday both inviteEllaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (98) Ellaina and Gavin had a joint birthday party again this year and it as such a blast! We ended up having it at Emler Swim school, the same place we had Braden’s. There was such a great turn out of friends and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. It was a pirate/Tinkerbell themed party.

All year, Ellaina has been asking for this cake on display at Target. It is a Barbie inside a cake skirt. Target couldn’t make it with anything other than a Barbie. After spending an entire day trying to make it myself, I enlisted the skills of a friends mother. She made the most adorable Tinkerbell cake, and one thrilled birthday girl!Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (5)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (56)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (58)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (73)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (96)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (27)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (31)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (100)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (106)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (115)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (128)Ellaina & Gavin's Bday Party - Oct 2, 2011 (136)Ellaina opening her presents (4)Ellaina opening her presents (7)Ellaina opening her presents (8)