Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick Trip!

Graham and I made a quick trip up to Minnesota last weekend. It was short, but perfect. Graham got to meet Papa, Great papa, my brother, his cousins, quite a few of my dear friends, and his new girlfriend Kinsley. I also could not believe how much easier a vacation is with just one little one. I still would have preferred to have had all three with me (except on the plane), but one was so relaxing.

We headed up so I could shoot a wedding on Saturday. Everything was so great, even down to Graham on the plane. The flight back was a little harder, but he was still really good. Little Graham got to meet and be cuddled on by Papa and Great papa. My dad didn’t get to come down when Graham was born, so it was great to see my dad with him. My grandpa is suffering from dementia and I am always worried this will be the last visit he will remember me. Thankfully he still did this time! However, he kept forgetting he had held Graham. It was incredibly adorable though. Every time he held him, it was the first time and he was so excited. Even with his dementia getting worse, he is still so sweet.

All in all it was a wonderful quick trip. I wish it was longer and all my family could have been with us, but we will have to wait until summer for that trip. It can’t come soon enough :) IMG_0090 IMG_0095IMG_0092IMG_0105IMG_0109IMG_0100IMG_0065IMG_0059IMG_0017IMG_0002

Monday, January 30, 2012


I have been having a blast with the three kids. Ellaina and Braden have the best personalities and so far it seems Graham is following right after them. He is such a happy little guy…now.

For a while, Brad had nicknamed him Grumpelstiltskin. There were many really hard evenings when Graham was not content sitting…or really content at all. It is funny how kids know the second you sit down with them (at least our kids). Braden used to do the exact same thing to Brad. They both would fall asleep in his arms and the moment he would sit down, they would wake up crying. Now that that is over, Graham’s happy go lucky personality has been able to shine through.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the three of them. If Graham is anything like the other two, I see a lifetime of wonderful memories and incredible friendships. IMG_3131IMG_3137IMG_3198Ellaina loves getting in a picture anytime I start setting up the studio for a sessionIMG_3401

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rollie Pollie

Mr. Grahamers rolled over today! Unfortunately, I wasn't here to see it. This morning I was photographing a real estate listing, so our dear friend Sharla was watching Graham. When I got home, she commented on how she didn’t know Graham was rolling over. Neither did I. He hadn’t rolled over for us yet. I can’t believe I missed it. I waited for Brad to get home before laying him on his tummy again. As soon as I did, he rolled right over. Tummy to back. What a big boy. One of the many milestones to come. This motherhood thing just keeps getting better and better! IMG_3138IMG_3139

Friday, January 6, 2012

Safari Fun!

We headed to a Safari play land today with the Collins. It was such a fantastic time!! There were tons of fun things for the kids to do, including a train ride and motion animals. It was the perfect play date after winter break! photo2photo1photo (2)photo

Monday, January 2, 2012

Splitsville Fun!

Brad had off work today, so we decided to take the kids bowling for the first time. It was such a blast! Splitsville is such a family friendly place. The kids had fun throwing the ball down the alley and rolling it off the slider thing. Ellaina insisted on dropping to the floor afterwards to watch her ball hit the pins. I am surprised her running momentum didn’t take her down the alley with the ball :) Braden liked using the slider. Both of them caught on very quickly how it worked and neither of them wanted to leave.

It was the perfect outing and the best way to start 2012!Little Graham was fantastic. He has been such a great little guy these last few weeks. Happy as can be. I think he is going to have Brad and Grandma Janet’s round Santa cheeks. I love them, and would be excited if one of our kids got them.IMG_3163IMG_3165 IMG_3166IMG_3154IMG_3187 IMG_3161IMG_3164IMG_3181IMG_3183IMG_3172IMG_3189