Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ellaina’s Baby!

Ellaina loves the cats and loves to dress Jinx up. He is so good to her and patient while she puts bows on him and necklaces. He just lays there and lets her do whatever. Her little buddy!!IMG_3624IMG_3620

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Biggest One Yet….

Graham Our baby boy had his four month checkup today. Yes, four months already. It has gone so fast. I need to find the emergency break to slow all the kids down. They are growing up too quickly. Apparently Graham is our largest baby. He is weighing in at a hefty 18 pounds 15 ounces, and measuring 26 1/2 inches. That puts him at 97% for both. He is my big teddy bear though. Just like Ellaina and Braden, he has such a sweet nature about him and is so happy. Even with his two bottom teeth coming in, he just smiles all day. Nighttime is a little rough, but that too will pass. Tylenol and Oral Gel are our friends.

Graham has so many amazing and lovable qualities. I love the way his cheeks ball up when he smiles, just like his Daddy’s do and Grandma Janet’s did. The way Graham always wants to be holding something. When he wakes up at night and I go to put his pacifier in his mouth, he always grabs my hand to hold. He holds on so tight and doesn’t want to let it go. He also loves sitting at the table with us. He will fuss and fuss until we pick him up to sit with us. Once he is on our lap, he is smiling and giggling at the kids. He doesn’t want to be left out of family dinner time. I love the way he giggles so hard when you tickle his chest and jiggle his inner thighs. Apparently he is also extremely ticklish on his feet. Aunt Laura and Uncle Keith watched him for us on Friday and said he would laugh so hard when Keith was tickling him there.  One of my other favorite things about him is how much he adores his brother and sister already. His face lights up at the sight of them! He loves when they surprise him and say boo. It gets him laughing almost every time.

The kids are so incredible with him. A couple weeks ago we bunked Ellaina’s old bed on top of Braden’s bed. When he saw it, he said something about him sleeping up there and Graham sleeping down here when he becomes a big boy. It was so sweet. We mentioned putting Graham’s crib up in his room, but nothing to him about them bunking together. That is just my sweet Braden thinking about his little brother. Brad and I are truly blessed beyond our wildest dreams. I can’t imagine life gets any better then this…then again I have been saying that for almost fourteen years with Brad and somehow it just keeps getting better!

Graham just reminded me of one more thing I love. I love how he curls his legs in and sticks his butt out when he is stretching arms after first waking up. So much to love about all of them (including Daddy)! IMG_3601IMG_3607IMG_3609

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Donuts with Dad!

017 The kids had donuts with Dad this week. Brad said it was such a FUN time with both kids. It is cute how excited the kids got about having Brad at school, and they both made him such cute gifts. I took pictures of both all the things they gave him. I could not stop laughing about the answers Ellaina gave for “My Daddy”, especially answer five. I guess we need to lay off the playful butt slapping around the kids. I hope to add pictures of Brad with the kids once the teachers send them to me.IMG_3614IMG_3616IMG_3617IMG_3628

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day!

IMG_3594 We had such a wonderful Valentine’s Day. The kids had parties at school. When I picked them up, they were full of sugar and fun stories about their day. Once Daddy came home, we had dinner and decorated cupcakes. The kids had so much fun putting sprinkles and hearts on the cupcakes. I had fun using my new frosting skills. I still need a lot of practice, but it was fun! After we were all done decorating the cookies, we headed out to deliver them to all the neighbors with special Valentine greetings. It was so much fun! The perfect way to end Valentine’s day. Friday Brad and I are going out on a Valentine’s date while Braden and Ellaina go to Crosspoint church Parents night out! Pizza and bounce house for the kids, romance for Mom and Dad!IMG_3576IMG_3563IMG_3569IMG_3575IMG_3577IMG_3545IMG_3560IMG_3585IMG_3593IMG_3590

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Santa Costume on Valentines Day?

Today Ellaina and I had the funniest conversation, or at least the last thing she said was hilarious! We were both picking out something red to wear for Valentines day. Her and Braden have their parties today & I wanted to look festive for my sweet Valentine when he gets home from work. Ellaina came into the bathroom when I was dressed and this is how the conversation went…

Ellaina: Mommy, you  look so pretty.

Me: Thanks Ellaina, I wanted to wear something red too

Ellaina: or pink, pink works for Valentines too.


Ellaina: Are you going to put Graham in his Santa costume again?

Me: No baby, that was for Christmas not Valentines day.

Ellaina: Then why are you wearing yours?

Insert hysterical laughing by me.

Needless to say, I tied a red ribbon around my waist instead. Nothing like having our five year old be my fashion advisor. I had to attach a picture of my outfit this morning and Graham’s costume at Christmas :)Valentine blog

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

THREE Months!

Graham (54) copy Oh my goodness, this little guy is getting too old too quickly. I cannot believe he is already three months old. He is smiling all the time! He LOVES being held, spoken to, holding your hand, baths, being naked and getting his belly blown on. He is trying so hard to giggle. I have heard him giggle a couple times in his sleep, but no awake laugh yet. He cues and will start to laugh, but his voice goes silent. He just can’t get it out. It is the craziest thing. I finally got him in the studio on Tuesday. He was so tired, but thankfully I got a couple smiley ones before he was out :) Graham (8) bwGraham (11) copyGraham (13) hueGraham (2) copyGraham (20) copyGraham (25) vintageGraham (27) copyGraham (35) copyGraham (42) editedGraham (51) bwGraham (36) copyGraham (45) copyGraham (57) bwGraham (63)cropped