Saturday, March 23, 2013

Love Letter

As your Daddy and I wait to board the plane for our Dominican vacation, I find myself feeling conflicted. Excitement for a vacation with the love of my life and nervousness for leaving the other biggest blessing in my life. It has been so long since I have posted anything on my blog for you guys. Poor little Graham doesn’t have anything on here since he was a baby. It is obvious, as we left this morning, that you are my little baby still but also a little man with a big personality! I want you three to know what a blessing you are to your Daddy and I. I want you three to know how deeply we love you all. I want you three to know exactly what we love about you :)

My dearest Ellaina! Just writing that has left me smiling ear to ear thinking about your beautiful smile and the way your face lights up around everyone. You are such a shining star with the most beautiful heart. Your thoughtfulness and spunk are contagious. I love the way you love life and everyone around you. Always up for fun and try to help everyone around you do the same. You have a way of making people feel so loved. I am incredibly proud of you every day and am enjoying your journey…as a passenger. Let’s face it, you are in the driver’s seat of your life and Daddy and I are just tapping our break from time to time. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are such a blessing to us, your brothers and everyone around you. The amount of love you have for us and others is endless. Thank you for all the joy you bring to my life Ellaina. I love an adore you forever and for always!

My Sweet Braden! Your giggle makes my heart smile with joy. You have such a pureness about you that is ready to love everyone. It is so unique and probably my favorite thing about you. I say probably because there are so many things I love about you too. I love the way you are always kissing and hugging us. You are so sweet and loving. I am thankful everyday I get to spend with you and love counting your kisses. You are so much more wise and sensitive then your years. At times, I swear I can actually see you thinking about something before you even say it out loud. I adore the way you love with your entire heart and enjoy making others feel good. It is a rare quality and it comes so naturally to you. You are always so light hearted and fun loving. Secretly I am always laughing at your “bathroom” talk. Even though the Mommy in me has to stop you :-) I have never known a kid who thinks wiggling his butt is so funny.  I adore you so much Braden. I love you always and forever!

My Little Grahamers! Eighteen months already. I have a lot to write. I have been so busy taking in all the precious moments with you and the family, that I have forgotten to document some of my favorites. This time has gone by way too fast, especially now with your fun personality. You have a humor about you that is always making me laugh, and you love making people laugh. Anytime you have an audience, you beam and shine. I don’t know who you think is funnier, your sister and brother or yourself. You are always cracking yourself up.There are so many games you love to play, but your favorite seems to be being chased. Whether it is running around the main level with any of us saying“gonna getcha”, or you sneaking on the stairs waiting to catch our attention. It is so much fun. Your Daddy and I now pretend we don’t know your doing it, just to hear you giggle when we catch you. Your first word was “mama”, which made me so happy. Daddy and I were both trying to get it to be our names. Now you are putting so many sounds to words. Everything is called “this” to you. I guess I need to stop saying “Do you want this?” You have a mouth full of teeth and seem to have your sister’s appetite. Anytime you can get your hands on food, you are there trying. Except meats, you are not much of a meat eater. We have to have brown rice with almost every meal, so we can shred the meat and disguise it in the rice. Your favorite food is definitely Mac n’cheese, like your sister. I cannot feed you fast enough when there is Mac n’ cheese in front of you. When you get your hands on it first, it is quite humorous. Sometimes you even put the bowl up to your mouth like a puppy, especially if we giggle the first time. I don’t know how I got lucky enough to have three cuddle bugs. You LOVE cuddling and being kissed on. Last night, I sat on the glider with you and just kept singing one song after another. You were just looking up at me smiling the entire time. Makes it hard to ever put you down. My lips seem to always have a magnetic pull to your chubby cheeks. Especially when I hit that tickle spot under your chin. Actually, you have a bunch of tickle spots. I love tickling the inside of your thighs when I change your diaper. Even now, your thighs are so big they jiggle while I am tickling them. Ellaina and Braden love to get their lips on your belly. You get a big belly laugh when they blow on your tummy. It’s probably why they do it every time you get out of the bath. I think one of your favorite things, is putting the kids to bed with us at night. You run from room to room playing and giggling. You like to try to climb into both Ellaina and Braden’s beds with them an relax. You are your happiest when you are surrounded by your siblings, Daddy and I. That’s when you really light up. Regardless of who you are by, you always make me light up. I love and adore you so much Graham. This will be the first of many more posts to catch up on the little boy you have become. Thank you for blessing my life everyday!

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